|Academic Life in USA – This is an article about the academic life of students in USA|
The United States of America has been one of the premier destinations for millions of young men and women to pursue ones graduate education from. The US has maintained this leadership in educational excellence due to a combination of factors. Higher education in the US is provided by both the State and completely private universities. The state universities are supported by the state via public funding. Every state in the US has a state university system under which this subsidy is provided. The US state university system, commonly known as the California system or the Houston system is a single administration with various campuses spread across the state. The campuses are in turn are completely autonomous and have their own identities as independent universities. Academic Life in USA

The state subsidy to state universities makes these schools comparatively cheaper than private universities, where the fees can be very high. The autonomous, independent and completely self-regulated nature of the university system keeps the competence and excellence levels very high. Another factor contributing to excellence in US higher education is the faculty intake.

Most of the professors teaching in universities are recruited via a rigorous doctorate program. The lecturers and instructors teaching undergraduate courses may have a Masters degree. College Professors typically begin their careers as Assistant Professor, than become Associate Professor and finally are appointed as Professors with life tenure. Academic Life in USA

Assistant Professors hold a Doctoral program degree or have completed a post – doctoral fellowship. Assistant professors do not have tenure, but are on a tenure track program.

The grant of tenure typically requires about three to eight years of service. Different universities have different criteria. The grant of tenure also depends upon a PhD degree.

The university administration is responsible for maintaining a top level faculty in their campuses. Therefore the promotions to associate and then a full professorship always depends on distinguished service. The academic departments are also responsible for constant innovation in learning methods. New methods and innovation are always being introduced and professors also enjoy a high level of freedom in its deployment. Academic Life in USA

Educational bureaucracies are non-existent in the American campus set up and there are  no political parties trying to capture power on campus, as is the case in India.