Art Schools in USA

Art Schools in USA

A vocation in the arts is the preferred choice of those with some creative talentsand who want to explore this in a serious manner to make art their life. The creation of art is something that has endured since the inception of mankind. Art has found expression from the earliest cave paintings to the most contemporary creations of modern art today. Artistic practitioners have strived to give expression to their vision through various mediums of art. Art Schools in USA

Art schools in the United States have a significant history. Some of the schools like Parsons, Cooper Union and the School of Visual Arts in New York are very highly regarded and entries into these schools are open to only the very best. An art school primarily focuses on the visual arts like graphic design, illustration, painting, photography and sculpture. Some schools also provide Film Studies, but usually students apply to film schools for an in-depth education in film. Art Schools in USA

Art schools study typically ranges for four years for a BA {Bachelor of Arts} or a BFA {Bachelor of Fine Arts}. An additional two years of study leads to an MA {Master of Arts} or an MFA {Master of Fine Arts}. The art school programs are either specializations in art or design or it can be a concentration. Art Schools in USA

There are a range of art schools in the US. There are small, private schools that offer art courses followed by big private and public schools. A large number of art schools in the US are allied together in a consortium known as the AICAD {Association of Independent Colleges of Art and Design}. The only state supported art school in the US is the Massachusetts College of Art. Art Schools in USA