Careers in Teaching

Teaching is considered to be one of the noble professionsThere is now an increasing awareness in developing nations about the value of investing in good education. One of the core elements in good education is the quality of the teachers, which in turn determines the quality of the teaching.

Teaching is an art and teachers practice the ancient art to impart learning in a logical and constructive manner. Teaching learning is an arduous process because it must be imparted in a very gradational manner to a child. If one step in the process of learning is missing, then the result is incomprehension. Therefore, a well developed curriculum is one of the most important elements in school education. Careers in Teaching

Curriculum, broadly defined, is a program of learning developed for students in a given grade. A well designed curriculum is one which takes into account the psychological processes of learning in a child. The lower grades in a child’s life concentrate on building the basics and more complex forms of knowledge are introduced in later years.

Various subjects like Math, Science, History and Geography introduces the child to diverse aspects of knowledge and ways of thinking on a given domain. The quality of teachers has to be complemented adequately by a well designed curriculum for the efficient instruction and the creation of meaningful learning. Careers in Teaching

Some of the key aspects that curriculum designers need to work on are the differing abilities of a child. There must be a recognition in the fact that every child is endowed with unique talents. Children have differing IQ levels and academic abilities. This awareness is essential in imparting efficient learning. Careers in Teaching

Apart from this, teachers also need to be trained in the early diagnosis of learning disabilities. Dyslexia is one of the most common learning disability found in children. But all learning deficits in children is treatable with early diagnosis and the right learning environment. Careers in Teaching