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CMU is a fantastic place to be. Mech, ECE, CS, Robotics departments are one of the best in the country. Most of the students in Mech end up taking courses from CS and Robotics after taking minimum number of courses from MechE. MechE department is very good for Thermal Sciences, Design and Computational Engineering.

Courses : There some very good courses offered by MechE department. Engineering Computation, Linear Systems, Numerical Methods, CAD, FEM, Nonlinear Control, Artificial Intelligence for Machine Learning in Engineering Design are some of the popular courses here. Outside MechE, students also take courses like Computer Vision, Machine learning, Data Structures and Algorithms. MechE department has offered a new course in Special Topics in Advanced Engineering Computation which is continuation of Engineering Computation. I recommend students to take both of these courses to enhance programming skills in C++.

Professors: All the professors in the university are very helpful and knowledgable.

Research: There is a lot of research going around in the university. Some of the hot topics are Cryosurgery, Soft Robots, Biomechatronics, Fuel Cells, Geometric Modeling and Simulation etc.

Job Opportunities: MechEs’ usually have a hard time in securing jobs or internships. But eventually, almost everyone ends up getting a job. If you are more into software, you need not worry. There are plenty of those jobs here. Three career fairs are organized by CMU. One in spring and two in Fall. Many people get calls for on-campus interviews. This is also a good opportunity to network with the recruiters. All the top companies attend at least one of these career fairs.

Cost of Living : The average cost of living in Pittsburgh is between $500 to $700. Most of the students stay in Squirrel Hill or Shadyside. There are many good restaurants and grocery stores in these areas. The connectivity from these places to CMU via local transport is very good.

Good luck to all the students! Carnegie Mellon University Carnegie Mellon University

Hope this helps! Carnegie Mellon University Carnegie Mellon University

Spantran Evaluation Process for Heinz College (CMU)
Sample SOP for MIS


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Sample SOP for MIS
My internship at IBM over the past summer has not only been enriching, but also has given direction to my career plans. I was part of the team involved in upgrading the CRM system for Bharti Airtel, India’s largest telephone carrier.  My role primarily involved carrying out regression tests to evaluate the current performance of their CRM system using tools such as clearcase in order to enhance the effectiveness of their billing system. Working with seasoned professionals made me realize that the knowledge acquired in the undergraduate degree is just the tip of the iceberg; an advanced education is of utmost importance to excel in a career in systems consulting. To this end, I look forward to pursuing a Masters in Information Systems Management at Carnegie Mellon UniversitySample SOP for MIS Read More



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