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How to avoid student Visa denial


Your higher study dreams can come crashing down on your face, if you are not amply prepared for your F1 visa interview and trust me there is nothing more disappointing than getting your visa rejected even after having secured I-20 from a much sought-after college. Every visa category has some underlying eligibility criteria set forth by the consulate / embassy and your interviewer would want you to establish them during the interview. While your luck has some role to play in the whole process, you must not leave any stone unturned.  Read More

Ten ways to avoid being homesick when studying abroad

Everyone expects studying abroad to be an incredibly exciting experience. However one phenomenon that can hamper the entire experience is “homesickness.” Mostly fuelled by the cultural shock, homesickness can be a little daunting to deal with. Here are a few valuable tips, which will help you overcome homesickness with ease. Ten ways to avoid being homesick when studying abroad

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Apply for a US Visa
What to carry while travelling to USA
Scholarships for International Students


| This is an article about scholarships for international students who wish to study in foreign countries like USA, UK, Australia, etc.|

Applications are invited for need-based scholarships available for international students to study MBA programme. Preference will be given to candidates residing in emerging/developing countries and for those who will have limited access to loans. The value of scholarship is €12,000. Selection will be based on financial need. Applications must be submitted by 2 March 2015. Scholarships for International Students Read More

Saving on US Taxes

Saving on US Taxes

Income Tax is something you can never escape, except in countries that have made themselves tax havens. As many Indians emigrate or go for their higher studies in the US, it is imperative that they acquaint themselves with the Income Tax architecture of the country. Being knowledgeable about the system ensures compliance, as violations of Tax laws might result in punishments like arrest or deportation. Saving on US Taxes Read More

Student Loans

An education in the US can be prohibitively expensive. A two year master’s course can  cost upwards of $ 75000. Student loans therefore become imperative to deal with the mammoth cost and manage one’s savings. Student Loans

There are many banks in India and in the US who provide education loans, but students must carefully weigh their options before making a decision. Most of the times, opting for a loan in the US can be a beneficial option if a student has a willing co-signor living and working in the US. A co-signor is a person who assumes financial responsibility for the repayment of the loan. He or she is equally held responsible for the repayment. A co-signor should be a resident of the US and working there, along with having a good credit rating. Student Loans Read More