Masters in CS with a Specialization in AI

Below is a list of schools offering MS in Artificial Intelligence  Masters in CS with a Specialization in AI

  1. University of Michigan Ann Arbor
  2. Worchester Polytechnic University (WPI)
  3. University of Sourthern California (USC)
  4. Carnegie Mellon University (CMU)
  5. Penn State University (PSU)
  6. North Carolina State University (NCSU)
  7. Virginia Polytechnic University (VTECH)
  8. University of Pennsylvania
  9. University of Texas A&M
  10. New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT)
  11. University of Colorado Boulder
  12. Georgia Tech
  13. University of Maryland Collegepark
  14. Illinois Institute of Technology
  15. University of California Los Angeles (UCLA)
  16. Reneassler Polytechnic University (RPI)
  17. San Jose State University (SJSU)         
  18. George Mason Univesity