| Sample SOP for IE- This a Statement of Purpose of a student who got admitted to Purdue for the Masters in IE program. |
Sample SOP for IE
“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

The footsteps to success are a dream and it is my dream to assist companies to solve complex problems involving both people and technology. Running organizations in an efficient manner with sustainable profits has become a Herculean task. It is my goal to become an Industrial Engineer (IE) and identify the most optimal solutions to resolve an organization’s operational issues based on a given set of constraints. The arresting attribute of IE is that it takes what exists today and conceptualizes the culmination for tomorrow. An MS in Operations Research (OR) will serve as the launching pad to achieve my desideratum. As a first step towards Ph.D., I am seeking admission to the M.S. program in your esteemed University.

“Find something you love to do and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.”   

As an individual, I strongly believe in this thought – provoking idiom and have hence looked forward to each day of work as the beginning of an enthralling experience. Throughout my schooling, mathematics and science have captivated me and I have always been hungry for an abyss of knowledge in Mathematics. My ardor for this fathomless subject has even bagged me an award for excellence in Swami Vivekanand Exam, one of the most acclaimed exams in our country. The perception of achieving my goal would be unthinkable without a strong academic background. To this end, I selected a course in Electronics Engineering at Thadomal Shahani Engineering College, at Mumbai University. I opted for engineering since it is the only curriculum available in India, in the undergraduate program, which enabled me to exploit my interests in Mathematics in greater depth. I intend to continue my career with Mathematics at the forefront, by pursuing a Masters degree in OR at Purdue University.

Currently I am studying the subject, Introduction to System Design (ISD), which has acquainted me with various topics of OR including Sensitivity, Transportation Models and System Analysis and Design, and egged me further. I have always loved working on the computer and have become proficient with MATLAB, a high-level matrix/array language. This inclination of mine towards computers coupled with my interest in optimization has developed in me a desire to work on the LINDO software to model and optimize management decision-making problems. To further this desire, I procured the LINDO software and used it to solve linear programming problems. I have found concepts such as queuing theory fascinating, and am keen on designing queuing systems, which aim for a balance between service to customers and economic considerations. Although queuing theory was not a part of my curriculum, the possibility of exploring mathematics and statistics enthralled me and I sought out books that would acquaint me with this concept as well as game theory.  Sample SOP for IE

Besides lectures, projects undertaken by me have provided me with a glimpse of OR. While at TSEC I undertook two projects, the first one was a research on the application of supercomputers to motor crash simulation. The research was conducted on the techniques of simulating either a full-frontal or offset car-crash. In order to study this application we conducted research on these simulation techniques and a comprehensive presentation was compiled at the end of this study.  Sample SOP for IE

With the intention of expanding my ken of knowledge in Optimization and also employing my electronics background, I, with my colleagues have selected our BE project, which is Adaptive Modulation using Wireless Technique. We optimize the data transmission over fading channels with Bit Error Rate (BER) constraints such as transmission rate and power. The project requires us to identify the BER constraints for data transmission through simulation, which is implemented in the language MATLAB. The simulation of the system demands the execution of logical algorithms. For the development of these algorithms, we had to conduct extensive research on the existing problems associated with data transmission, and the methods to overcome these difficulties. The project involves the reliability analysis of the system by constantly interfering the data transmission with noise. The testing of this system takes place at every stage to ensure that error minimization is achieved. MATLAB is also being used for mathematical computations and for prototyping and plotting various mathematical functions associated with the project.  Sample SOP for IE

Research work for this project, has given me a feel of OR. Thus, I anticipate doing the same at your exceptional research center, thereby contributing to your university to the best of my capability. It is my conviction that such an opportunity to research at your university under the tutelage of your impeccable faculty will be a conducive catalyst for realizing my dream. The research being pursued in the fields of ______________, ________________ and _______________ appears to be consistent with my objectives. By working under the guidance of distinguished researchers like ________________, ________________ and _____________, I am confident of making original contributions in the field of Industrial Engineering. This would be the perfect platform to reach the summit of success that I have always aspired for. I believe that my aspirations, career goals, a never-say-die attitude and perceptiveness make me a suitable candidate for graduate study at your university.  Sample SOP for IE

Each one of us has our own inherent destiny. But, what I believe, is that destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice; its not something to be waited for, its something to be achieved. I have made my choice, now just the matter of achieving it remains… and an admission to your University will prod me to the right direction in achieving my destiny!!    Sample SOP for IE