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University of Michigan, Ann Arbor | Student Feedback

My Experience @UMich Carnegie Mellon University

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor is a very reputed school in any program throughout the US and would encourage students to apply to ambitious schools, since in the end what matters is one should not regret of not having applied to schools that you could possibly go to. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor is the best school in the US for Automotive Engineering in any of the domains – Powertrain, Electric Vehicles, Autonomous Vehicles, Robotics.

Courses : The courses in offering are very diverse – a) Automotive Vehicle Systems where you have Industry Guest Lecturers giving knowledge about the domains and the future industry trends.b) Vehicle System Design – Students actually get to build an Autonomous vehicle from scratch, hands on experience and getting your hands dirty.

Research: The research labs and the projects that students get exposed to are very similar to real world problems. One thing I have realized so far that, there is a huge emphasis on Teamwork, Practical experience and conceptual knowledge be it anywhere in the US. While working on projects, internship or jobs – they expect you to have sound knowledge – inside outs of what you have learnt and how did you implement them.

Job Opportunities: The career fair is huge – Lots of Companies visiting, I would vouch that having experience is very critical in any field that you are looking for. The scenario hasn’t much changed I would say but having relevant background makes it a lot easier for you among the huge crowd competition. I base it purely from what I have seen here so far, my two years of experience helped me a great deal in securing multiple Interview Calls. But from there on its the candidate on how he/she takes it. I would not discourage people who do not have work experience since there are lots of opportunities that you would get exposed too and ultimately its all about “NETWORKING”. How do you go about knowing more people but also the right people who would help you grow through the career.

Good luck to all the students! Carnegie Mellon University Carnegie Mellon University

Hope this helps!

Carnegie Mellon University Carnegie Mellon University

University of Maryland Collegepark

University of Maryland Collegepark

Hi, University of Maryland Collegepark

So here’s  my opinion regarding your questions. Take into consideration i have just completed 1 semester and have barely started the new one so all my answers might not be correct.

FYI I am currently doing MIS in University of Maryland. Most of my answers might be related to my course and may not pertain to other courses in the university.

  1. About the Course University of Maryland Collegepark

Good course so far subjects and professors are mostly pretty good. Not very happy with the career services Im happy with everything else.

  1. How many % of student in your course are Indians? Need just an approximate.

  50% maybe more.(Ya kinda sucks)

  1. Which country people are most in your university?

In my program(MIS) there are mostly Indians and Chinese not sure about other programs, I think CS might have better diversity.

  1. Does the university follow semester or trimester?

Semester University of Maryland Collegepark

  1. Internship Opportunities University of Maryland Collegepark

Haven’t got an internship yet but most if not all seniors had internships.

  1. What are the off campus opportunities available?

If ur taking about part time jobs u mostly will get some type of job if u start looking early n take efforts.

  1. In which month does the career fair takes place?

I think September or so basically early. Don’t know about other career fair might be one in this set as well.

  1. Name 3 apartments close to university area.

Graduate Gardens, Graduate Hills, Parkside.

  1. The rent for the apartments in the area you stay.

$345 2 bhk 4 ppl University of Maryland Collegepark

  1. What is the approximate living expense excluding rent?

Depends on u not really sure main expense is rent. Take about $200 more i guess.

  1. List the name of 3 stores close to university or your home from where you buy grocery, milk and daily food products.

Target, Farmers market, CVS.

  1. What are the public transport options available in city? Does student have concession on student’s UniversityID for transportation?

University shuttles are pretty good and take u to most places n its free. You can also use the metro buses(haven’t needed to use it much) or the metro if ur going to DC

  1. Is there any Indian store close to university? If yes then please name.

Patels store is nearby. University of Maryland Collegepark

  1. Name the 3 restaurants available next to university or close by to place where majority of students stay.

Slices pizza, Blaze pizza, Panda Express, Noodle company, Chipotle.

  1. What are the places to hangout on weekends?

Mainly theres 1 road on which u find everything nothing else is there.Its a pretty much a village to be honest but there are 3-4 bars and DC and baltimore are close by.

  1. What is the minimum and maximum temperatures that city faced in a last year.

Temperatures varies a lot when u arrive in fall its really hot and sunny about 25-30 degrees and winters are usually fine not to cold but somedays have gone to -10–15 degrees

  1. To describe your city climate for most of the time in one word, what would you say: sunny, winter, rainy, windy?

Its pleasant sunny mainly. You can live here easily no worries.

I hope this was helping if u have any doubts feel free to contact me.

North Carolina State University


North Carolina State University | Student Feedback

I would like to share my experiences regarding my MS program at North Carolina State University in Operations Research( Fall 15 student).

OR and IE are essentially the same thing here, just that OR focuses more on the analytical side and involves a lot of math. So whatever I share applies to both OR as well as IE.

1.Courses: North Carolina State University

The courses are awesome and are flexible to take from any department ( I took courses from MBA, Textiles, Statistics, IE, OR).

Supply chain courses are pretty difficult here as people do get D grade in it.

Some courses that people believe are internship and job grabbers are:

Database applications in IE

Lean Six Sigma Quality

Model and Analysis of Supply chain

Computer Simulation

Additive Manufacturing

Automated Systems Engg North Carolina State University

SAS/ Data Mining North Carolina State University

The complexity and the grading of the courses which most people are concerned varies a lot.

You can get a 4/4 GPA studying for just 10 days a semester if u enroll for the easy courses and people struggle to maintain a 3 GPA taking some Supply Chain, OR or ‘difficult’ courses and toiling all semester.

It is advisable to take courses having projects. Lots of stuff to talk about courses, Please contact for loads of info.

2.Professors North Carolina State University

Knowledgeable but do not expect ‘TEACHING’. Need to do EVERYTHING ALL BY YOURSELF. There will be some professors you might want to kill for their teaching!! Trust me this happens!

3.Research North Carolina State University

Mainly focussed on research in the MEDICAL INDUSTRY (healthcare improvement) and MANUFACTURING (mainly additive manufacturing).

4. Job opportunities North Carolina State University

People are optimistic about jobs. A recent survey indicated that 60% students got summer interns and almost all got jobs(and good jobs).

For CS, it is heaven here but for IE/ OR, some struggle is needed.

Online applications with contacts and recommendations helps!

People usually get into Volvo, Cummins, TE Connectivity, Georgia Pacific, Caterpillar, EY, Deloitte, Bank of America.

A lot of companies along with the above ones come to the career fair but ‘APPLY ONLINE’ is what they tell to do.

Nonetheless NCSTATE is a BRAND NAME.

Apply for 200 interns and you would get calls from 10 companies and may land an intern in 1 or 2 from them is the general trend heard from seniors.

5. Climate and Location North Carolina State University

Awesome awesome climate! Probably one of the best in the US.

No unexpected rains and the frequency is less. It snows for 7 days a year. Generally, the climate is cool.

Places near Raleigh and in Raleigh: BOOOORING as hell. One could finish the famous places in Raleigh visit in 6 hours. Feels like a village sometimes.

6.Campus North Carolina State University

Awesome campus. Awesome libraries. Awesome gymnasium. Lots of sports played. The variety of sports played, the level of technology used in classrooms and the equipment used in the gymnasium are awesomely amazing!

7.Other interesting points: North Carolina State University

Transport within the campus and to the neighboring cities is absolutely free.

All books, pdfs etc are absolutely free and available in the libraries.

Living expenses are cheap: 250 for rent for a shared room, 50 for utilities, and 200-400 for food (depends on spending habits).

Downtown is small but gets really good on Fridays.

Indian food: Doesn’t exist except for some restaurants. But plenty of Indian stores are accessible nearby.

Part time jobs are VERYYYY easy to get.

TA/RA/GA: No hopes unless a Ph.D. student

8. Students North Carolina State University

Background: Students from Mech/ Instrumentation. IE, Nanotech, Systems Engg, Manufacturing, Automobile.

Pretty competitive and smart.

A good group help for almost every purpose!

People mostly live offcampus but I can proudly say that I got an awesome on-campus apartment while paying the same amount.

9. IMSE(Integrated Manufacturing Systems Engineering)

I would want students who do not wish to study much, have work experience and pursue MS to have a look at this degree.

People with a degree in IE/OR/MECH generally transfer after 1st(if GPA>3.7) or 2nd sem(if one can find a co-op) to IMSE


1.Co-op program in the 3rd semester(6 credits)

  1. 9 subjects in total to study
  2. Less expenses

4.If you are unable to fetch a Co-op, the professor helps u a lot(he has lots of contacts).


1.No one knows about the degree so the name of the degree is a major disadvantage.

Overall, the journey has been fascinating so far.


Learn basics of the courses of interest/ your field before coming here.

Learn to cook 3-4 simple recipes.

Stay confident!

University of Illinois at Chicago

University of Illinois at Chicago | Student Feedback

Graduate studies are going good and first semester passed away smoothly and just doesn’t feel that 6 months have already passed. As for UIC, it has been a good experience till now if not great. University of Illinois at Chicago

For Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, the research is limited as UIC is facing some serious budget issues. There is a budget impasse in the Illinois State and that has hurt all State universities in Illinois, but no money coming in from the government. This has made the university bring in a lot of people, stretching its resources and infrastructure and increasing the number of students in every class. People need to fight for getting the popular courses. But people do get it eventually. Also not having specified tracks for the courses means, we had to take a few courses out of the field of choice to graduate. But the professors are good and very helpful, at least the ones I have interacted with. Industrial department has brought in new professors who aren’t that experienced and that might give mixed reactions from students. University of Illinois at Chicago

UIC is good with Data Sciences and fluids. Also, for the students coming in, I would recommend to contact the professors before hand and research well on the professors that they really wanna work with. Getting into research is tough and there are limited opportunities as most professors are short on funding. University of Illinois at Chicago

On-campus part times are hard to come by as being a city campus and comparatively smaller than college town counterparts. Chicago is expensive but a great city to live. University of Illinois at Chicago

As for job opportunities, the career fair at UIC is very small and limited, and most companies coming in don’t sponsor H1-B. So its like most places, you need to apply online. University of Illinois at Chicago

If you need info on anything else, definitely let me know. University of Illinois at Chicago

Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie Mellon University | Student Feedback

My Experience @CMU Carnegie Mellon University

CMU is a fantastic place to be. Mech, ECE, CS, Robotics departments are one of the best in the country. Most of the students in Mech end up taking courses from CS and Robotics after taking minimum number of courses from MechE. MechE department is very good for Thermal Sciences, Design and Computational Engineering.

Courses : There some very good courses offered by MechE department. Engineering Computation, Linear Systems, Numerical Methods, CAD, FEM, Nonlinear Control, Artificial Intelligence for Machine Learning in Engineering Design are some of the popular courses here. Outside MechE, students also take courses like Computer Vision, Machine learning, Data Structures and Algorithms. MechE department has offered a new course in Special Topics in Advanced Engineering Computation which is continuation of Engineering Computation. I recommend students to take both of these courses to enhance programming skills in C++.

Professors: All the professors in the university are very helpful and knowledgable.

Research: There is a lot of research going around in the university. Some of the hot topics are Cryosurgery, Soft Robots, Biomechatronics, Fuel Cells, Geometric Modeling and Simulation etc.

Job Opportunities: MechEs’ usually have a hard time in securing jobs or internships. But eventually, almost everyone ends up getting a job. If you are more into software, you need not worry. There are plenty of those jobs here. Three career fairs are organized by CMU. One in spring and two in Fall. Many people get calls for on-campus interviews. This is also a good opportunity to network with the recruiters. All the top companies attend at least one of these career fairs.

Cost of Living : The average cost of living in Pittsburgh is between $500 to $700. Most of the students stay in Squirrel Hill or Shadyside. There are many good restaurants and grocery stores in these areas. The connectivity from these places to CMU via local transport is very good.

Good luck to all the students! Carnegie Mellon University Carnegie Mellon University

Hope this helps! Carnegie Mellon University Carnegie Mellon University

University of Pennsylvania

University of Pennsylvania | Student Feedback

  1. How many credits are required to complete the graduation and how do you spread them? – You need to take 10 credits. So it can be either 3-3-2-2 or 3-3-3-1. There are few students who take 4 courses in a semester and try to finish MS in 1.5 years. This totally depends on the student.

University of Pennsylvania

  1. What is the approximate living expense for both on and off campus arrangements?What is your suggestion regarding the same?-On campus living is too expensive. Rent itself is $800 followed by your expenses on food and parties. Off Campus is pretty cheap. I am currently paying 350$ rent and have a personal room . Food+groceries+parties=150$-200$ per month.

University of Pennsylvania

  1. How is the payment of fees made? Is it termwise or yearly?– The payment is termwise. So you will be paying your fees for 3 courses in September for Fall 2016 and again for Spring 2017 in January next year.

University of Pennsylvania

  1. I intend to take RA/TA as early as possible. Is it possible to get it in the first semester itself? – It is possible to take RA/TA in the first semester but you wont be paid as the professors would want to know how you work. I have worked as an RA in the 1st semester and as a library assistant for which I was paid and could cover my rent every month. Also from second semester you can get a RA ship provided you have made good contacts with people here.

University of Pennsylvania

  1. Are there any kind of scholarships available? – NO SCHOLARSHIPS AT UPENN

University of Pennsylvania

  1. How are the placements for the course? Which companies conducted campus interviews for placements last year? – You are 100% sure of getting a a job when you are pursuing MS in Embedded Systems at UPenn. My senior batch had a batch strength of 10 students in EMBS and 6 of them are placed in Microsoft/Taser/Oracle. Rest 4 are still searching but will finally get 1 by the end of this term.

Columbia University

Columbia University | Student Feedback

Hi Neha and Jimeet Sir, Columbia University

Hope you are doing great! I would love to help out students applying for MS in CS at Columbia. Sorry I couldn’t reply sooner, I was busy with college work. It’s terribly hectic out here.

So let’s see.. Columbia University

  1. About the course – Think twice before applying to Columbia for MS in CS. If you are not passionate about CS or just applying because it’s an Ivy League school or because it’s New York or whatever, YOU WILL SUFFER. I have seen people crying (literally) here. Columbia University

I have never worked so hard in my life ever before, but the end result is just fabulous. I have learned more in the past 6 months here, than in my entire 4 years in under-grad. 4 courses in one semester takes a big toll on you.

Teachers are GOD-level. I feel so blessed to be a student of such amazing professors. They are very warm, they LOVE their students and help them out in every way.

Courses are again fabulous, because professors are soo great. Believe me, if you hated algorithms or programming languages and translators back in undergrad, you will end up loving it here. There are some light courses, some heavy ones. It’s quite essential to balance things out here.

I am currently enrolled in the Machine Learning track here. You will find some of the best professors and courses if you are interested in machine learning. But let me warn you, most people apply for ML just because it’s a buzz word and everyone talks of it nowadays. It’s not easy!! It is a lot of math and stats. If you are even remotely disinterested in it, consider other options. I know a lot of people who have switched tracks after coming here, because ML was just not their game. There are some really amazing courses for NLP, Networks and Security, Distributed Systems and Vision as well.

  1. Desi-folks are plenty in number. Roughly 100 Indians in CS department only. That’s because we rock! 🙂
  1. I would say ~35% Chinese, ~35% Indians, rest from Japan, Chile, France, Spain, Korean, Taiwan and more..almost none from US. I know only a couple of folks from US.
  1. University follows a semester system.  Columbia University
  1. If you are a fresher (like I am), be prepared to be mentally and physically stressed out, because getting internship is not easy. You will see tons of companies coming every week and that is quite reassuring, but you will almost always be ignored when compared to kids with work-ex. And by work-ex I mean Flipkart, Samsung, Google, Cisco etc. So it is not a piece of cake unlike those Infosys/TCS interviews back in India.

On a positive note, I have seen a lot of my friends get in Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Factual, Zynga, Amazon etc. and being in Columbia means these companies will come to you first before they go to other colleges. The career fair Columbia had last year saw more than a 100 hundred companies. Students from Brown, Yale and NYU came to Columbia to visit our career fair, so you will have a lot of company names flying around daily.

  1. I have not seen anyone do anything off-campus ever. Campus is the best place to be and you will not get more opportunities off-campus than you will on-campus.
  1. Columbia career fairs are a bit late. In fall its around October and in Feb during spring. Another lovely thing about Columbia is that there is a separate career fair that brings only start ups. New York city has the highest number of start ups after SF obviously. So you will have that advantage as well.
  1. 195 Claremont Av, Carleton Arms Riverside Drive, 156 Claremont Av. These are locations of University apartments where some of my MS friends stay. Obviously there are soo many more.
  1. $700 – $1200.  Columbia University
  1. Be ready to get ripped-off in every possible way. Roughly, monthly expenses come to $1000+ even when you have tried to live like a beggar. It can go much more depending on where you eat, where you stay, how much alcohol you have and whether you like to randomly book limousines just because.. 😛
  1. C-Town Supermarket: SASTA AUR ACCHA ( Big Bazar 😀 ), MET/METs: student discount (not on milk apparently, which is the only thing I end up buying from there usually 😛 ) and Fairway (you will find everything here and its best quality but a slight bit expensive). Other honorable mentions: Morton Williams, Rite Aid, Duane Reade, Thrifty supermarket, Patel Brothers (New Jersey and Queens) and Fresco (Online store for desi food items (it’s a life saver)).

Tip: dhaniya is called cilantro here. Took me a while to figure that out.

  1. As I said, be ready to get ripped off while you are in New York City. There are no student discounts on any public transport. Buses and Metros are awesome and all you could probably need for transportation. Columbia students have one benefit though, a shuttle runs in the entire campus periodically and usually comes handy if you have to leave for home late in the night.

Oh, if it’s too late in the night, Columbia patrol cars/Public Safety (ASTON MARTINS :O ) will also drop you home if you show your ID and act like a helpless and lost soul. 😛

  1. None near the campus. Patel Brother’s is a 45 min train ride to Queens. Another one in New Jersey, where I haven’t been to ever. I would recommend ordering online from Fresco (Awesome desi-food at your doorsteps) !!
  1. It’s MANHATTAN..Food everywhere!!…Halal Food Trucks, Roti Roll, Chapati House, Tom’s Pizza, Masala Club, Doaba Deli, M2M, Uris Deli (In-campus canteen (awesome food btw)), Koronets (HUGE PIZZAS), Absolute Bagels, lots of other food trucks etc..

Oh there is a food truck that gives south-indian as well 🙂 Columbia University

  1. Riverside Park, Central Park, Morningside Park, Lovely pier on the Hudson river. Riverside Park is my favorite. It has multiple football courts, basketball courts, beach volleyball area, ping pong tables, skateboarding and bmx rinks if you are into that, tennis courts, street gyms, and a lovely view of the hudson river.

Then there are places downtown like Brooklyn Bridge, Empire State, One Word Trade Center, Rockafeller Center, etc..the usuals…

By the way you won’t get to hangout on weekends with friends if you are doing CS.

  1. Min: -15 degree Celsius, Max: 30+ degree Celsius Columbia University
  1. Everything. Actually sunny, winter, rainy and windy are not enough to describe the climate here. Add snow, hail, blizzards, humid, hot and pleasant to it as well.

It is in fact one of the best experiences of my life. I don’t think you will face any problems if you are coming here to learn and grow. I have met some really incredible people here and I cannot emphasize on that enough. Undergrads here are way more smarter than MS students and you will have them and other PhD students in your class. There is knowledge and opportunity everywhere here, you should just have your priorities straight and have correct attitude.

If you want to party in US, do not apply for CS here.

I know the tuition and rent and everything is quite exorbitant here, but trust me you will recover it very soon. Every penny is worth it here and you could not ask for more from a MS program. And lastly, feel free to drop me a mail any time if any one has any doubts regarding Columbia/NYC in general or the CS/DS program here.

I will write another mail later regarding what all you should prepare/study before coming here soon.

Until then, good luck everyone. Columbia University

Syracuse University


Syracuse University | Student Feedback

1) About the program Syracuse University
– The 42 course credits that I will have to complete for graduation, how should I spread it across over the semesters?
Personally, I have taken 3 courses(10 credits) in my first semester. Currently, in my second semester I am taking 4 courses (12 credits). Syracuse University
This differs from person to person. All my friends took 3 courses (10 credits) in the first semester and 3 courses (9 credits) in second semester. Syracuse University

– What do students usually opt there? And in what duration do they normally complete it? (1.5 / 2 /2.5 years). I understand this varies from person to person depending on the workload they sign up for. But generally what do students do there?
In our seniors batch people who got internships after 2nd semester in companies which sponsors H1B visas graduated in 1.5 years. However, there are seniors who didn’t graduate in 1.5 years. They want to enjoy their life before work, they are taking it slowly. I20 says that you need to graduate in 2 years. Graduating early will not make any difference on the fees. Fees are per credit basis.

2) Financials Syracuse University
– The first question : Living expenses 🙂 (Rent, Groceries. Water, Gas, Eating, Electricity, WiFI, Mobile Service, etc.)
Rent: $300-350 (depends). Mine is $300
Groceries + Food: $100-120
Gas + Electricity: Summer ($70). Winter($200-250). You will pay 70/3 or 250/3 (assuming there are 3 roommates). The winter bill depends on the house. 250 is the highest limit. If the house has electric heater then your winter bill may be $150. That means 150/3.

– What is the tuition that you are paying for the entire course? I obviously have a ball park figure from different sources. But exactly how much is it, so that I can start planning for things.
You have to complete 42 credits. For us per credit cost is $1388. Therefore, tuition fee would be $1388*42. Adding to this will be you health insurance. Health insurance will cost around $2000-$2500 for 2 years.

– What was the i20 amount last year? Syracuse University
If I am not wrong it was $46,000

3) Class size Syracuse University
– What is the fall intake for this program?
150 approx
– What is the batch/class size?
150 approx
– Approx. number of Indians in your class?
80-100 approx

4) Assistantships and on-campus jobs Syracuse University
– Are there any TA/GA/RA opportunities to fund our education?

– Approximately how many people get TA/GA?
Hardly 10 out of 150

– Are GA/TA’s given to first year students? If not, do students enrolled in fall get GA/TA in their next term (i.e. Spring) ?
People generally get in second semester. This also depends on luck and under whom you take courses in first semester.

– Does TA/GA come with a tuition waiver or its just stipend based?
TA/GA hourly pay should be $10.2( I am not sure about this)

– How are the on-campus job opportunities? How many people get it? What is the hourly pay for the same?
On campus opportunities plenty. Most of people work in cafes, dining, stadium. Hourly pay is $10.2, international students can work for 20 hrs a week. Ideally people work for 12-15 hours.

5) Full time Job opportunities? Syracuse University
– How are the career fairs?
Career fairs I personally find them useless because companies would only want to hire permeanant citizens. Having said that one must attend career fairs to connect with potential employers and to know about openings. I haven’t seen or heard that anyone got an interview call because of attending the career fair. I am writing this not to scare you but to state the fact.

– Does SU have tie-ups with Big 4?
I don’t know about tie-ups but in the past EY, PwC, KPMG, Deloitte have hired people. However, this time KPMG is not hiring F1 students. They have stopped sponsoring H1B that’s the reason they had given. I have friends in other universities who have been placed into KPMG.

– Does having no prior work experience affect in any way?
– What is the average pay scale for IM graduates?
– Any idea on how many people get full time jobs after/within 3 months of graduation?

6) Internship opportunities?  Syracuse University
– How many students on an average get an internship? (The curriculum says it is compulsory for freshers, and I am a fresher too :P)
Eventually everyone gets an internship. People do “Jugaad” at desperate times. Getting an internship is not important. Getting into a company which will later sponsor H1B is important. I feel hardly 20 people from the senior batch would have got such internships.

– Do students get internships through career fairs or we must find it on our own?
The major companies which come in career fairs for F1 students are: PwC, EY, Deloitte, Bank of America (pwc,ey, deloitte prefer people with less than 2 years of experience and strong leadership skills on resume.) If you are lucky enough to get internship into one of these companies then your life is sorted. This time out of 150 people 2 people got into big 4.

– Do students go for an internship after completing one year or wait for some more time?
– What type of internships do students generally land up with? How much is the average hourly pay rate?
Even I want answer for this one. If you get this answer please let me know :p ( I am in my internship hunting phase)

However, people last year had got internships in variety of fields : Consulting, Business Analyst, Risk Analyst, Data Analyst, Business Intelligence. Frankly speaking it is a struggle to get internships/jobs. Out of 150 people in Information Management hardly 10 would have got internships iny batch.

– I also heard that internships can be done for a year (11 months to be precise – the CPT). Is SU flexible with that?
Su is very flexible in terms of internships. People have done 2 internships from SU.

7) Your experience Syracuse University
– How is the faculty at the University and how is the quality of education in general?
Faculty at the university is very good. If you compare it with India, it is 100 times better. This I feel would be for all the universities(I know I am criticizing Indian system but it is the fact)

– Finally how has your overall experience at SU been? In terms of your student life and diversity?
So far the experience has been great. The winter this time is not as harsh as last year that is what the seniors have said.

University of Southern California Feedback

University of Southern California Feedback

Collegepond stays in constant touch with their ex-students in order to aid the current students to get the real-time information. We get them connected to clear doubts about the course, internships, housing, travelling, jobs, etc. Below is one of the University of Southern California feedback from our ex-student in response to the doubts asked by Fall 2016 aspirants of Collegepond. University of Southern California Feedback

1. Course: University of Southern California Feedback

The course structure at USC has changed a bit in the last couple of years. Now, if you are general CS student, you are supposed to take only 28 credits and 32 credits if you take up some specialisation. Also, all courses are worth 4 credits now. Plus, you also get few credits for internship and directed research. So basically, if you are a general CS student, you will be able to take no more than 6 courses.

They offer good courses, but you will have to select them carefully because you won’t be able to take more than

2.Indian students:University of Southern California Feedback

Highest population in USC graduate courses is of Chinese. Second comes India. You will find a lot of Indians and Chinese in your classes.

3. Semester or Trimester: University of Southern California Feedback

Semester system

4. Internship opp University of Southern California Feedback

Being a CS student, California is definitely the place to be. You will have ample opportunities. But that said, being an USC student does not guarantee a good internship. The USC name on your resume might get you good calls, but then its totally on you. You will still have to go through the interview process and crack it.

5. Career fair: University of Southern California Feedback

Career fair is conducted twice a year. Once in February and once towards the end of the year (September/October).

6. Apartments close to area: University of Southern California Feedback

Apartments on the Portland street, Mardi Gras, 29th street are within 2 miles radius of the campus.

7. Approx rent: University of Southern California Feedback

It is approx 2400$ for a 2 bhp (5 people can easily stay) and 1400$ for a 1 bhp (3/4 people. However, 3 is the legal limit for a 1 bhk. But 4 people do stay in a 1 bhp and do not face any issues.).

8. Stores:

Ralph supermarket, Manas indian store (you get all the Indian food items over here). Both of them are walking distance from the apartments listed above.

9. Transport:

USC will provide free 300 uber rides to every student. The ride should be within a 2/3 mile radius of the campus and should initiate only between 7pm and 2 am. Apart from that, you have uber and Lyft for going long distances (cheaper than normal cabs). There is a good metro and bus service as well (pretty cheap).

10. Indian store:

Manas indian store (Very good)

11. Restaurants:

There is a Figueroa Street and you will find all sorts of restaurants over there which serve veg food as well.

Blaze, Pizza Studio, Taco bell, Which Wich, Subway, Trio House. There are good dessert places as well that serve flavoured yoghurt. Basically, this is the street to come to when you crave for some “not ghar ka khan” food.

12. Temperature:

The minimum I have experienced is 4 degree celsius and that too on late nights in the winter season. Maximum it has gone up to is 30/32 degrees so far. Temperature is pretty good and you will realise it when your friends in New York and Boston will be facing blizzard warnings and snow storms.

13. College culture:

You will definitely be overwhelmed by the university culture on campus. Within a couple of weeks, you will feel proud to be a Trojan. There is a huge rivalry between USC and UCLA (just google it up and you will know what I am talking about) and their basketball and soccer matches are to die for. You will find all big Hollywood celebrities coming to your campus to watch matches, practice or just to promote their upcoming movies. The campus is beautiful and huge and your legs will definitely start paining while getting from one corner to the other.

14. Places to visit: University of Southern California Feedback

Santa monica beach

Griffith observatory

Hollywood hike

Hollywood walk of fame

Rodeo drive and Beverly Hills

LA Live (the home ground of LA Lakers is here!!)

Venice beach/canal

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