Telecom Management in India

The Telecommunication revolution that India has seen in these ten years has been phenomenal.Imagine the days when one had to queue up outside an STD kiosk to make that one long distance call to our loved ones. The Bureaucracy Empire of India had so stalemated development that one had to send in an application and wait for well over a year for that priceless phone connection. Thankfully, all that has changed with time and those days of perpetual queues and shortages regarding telephone connections are long gone. Telecom Management in India

Today, we have a plethora of telecom service providers who compete in the marketplace to offer a range of choices to the consumers. One can, as the paying consumer, demand the best of service and pay the suitable price. Bad services are fast redressed or we switch on to a new service provider. After all, there is an embarrassment of choices. The telecom revolution that has connected vast parts of India has been no small achievement. It is a testament to the entrepreneurial skills of Indians as to what they can do provided the means and the space to perform.

This vast change in the telecom sector can be attributed to the rollback from the long held socialist policies of the Indian government and the wide-ranging reforms that started after 1991. Noted Economist and the author of RISC Model of Development, Mr. Atanu Dey has stated that teledensity is fundamentally linked to the GDP growth of a country. Telecom Management in India

Although the teledensity achieved during the previous decade in India have been commendable, large parts of India has still remained inaccessible to efficient telecom services. The statewide distribution of teledensity as demonstrated from this chart, makes it amply clear that India still has a long way to go towards providing telecom services and mobile connectivity to a vast section of its population. A graduate course in Telecommunication Systems Management therefore offers young engineers with great opportunities, especially in India. Telecom Management in India