Tuition Fees in US Schools

|Tuition Fees in US Schools | Tuition Fees in US Schools
Undergraduate and Graduate courses in the US can be prohibitively expensive. Amongst all the diverse costs of a US education, tuition fees are the most prominent. US schools basically charge tuition fees on two basic parameters. Students are charged on a per credit basis for a course, or are charged on a per semester basis. Different schools have different criteria and the best place to clarify this is the University Department of the specific course program. Tuition Fees in US Schools

Apart from the tuitions, students have to spend on boarding and food. A four year undergraduate course can cost an Indian student approximately 25 lakh to 1 crore while a two year Masters Degree course can cost about 7 lakh to 30 lakhs. Tuition Fees in US Schools

Students can reduce their costs greatly if they obtain an Indian or an American scholarship. A Training assistantship or a Research Assistantship program can also reduce overall education costs to a great extent. Additionally, many US schools have student plans where tuitions fees are waived up to 75% on the fulfillment of certain benchmarks. Most of the times, it is on the strength of an exceptional academic record. Tuition Fees in US Schools

Students also have the option of working along with continuing there studies via the
Co – Op Education program offered by many Universities. More information on this program can be had from this link here.Tuition Fees in US Schools