This article is about understanding the TOEFL requirements of the Universities and thereby answering “What is a Good Score in TOEFL?” 

TOEFL stands for the Test of English as a Foreign Language. This test evaluates the candidate’s ability to understand the English language. The test is a quantified assessment of a candidate’s understanding of English that is mandatory for most of the Universities based in the US and Europe. The TOEFL score is valid for a period of two years. The test is created and administered by the Educational Testing Service and is taken worldwide.  Its first implementation was made in the year 1964. What is a good score in TOEFL

The test has gone through many changes over the decades. The paper-based test was replaced by the computer-based test, and from September 2006, a new version, called the Internet Based test, or the iBT, was introduced. The test measures the student in the four major domains of Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing. A more detailed version of the TOEFL test is available here from the official website. What is a good score in TOEFL

It is difficult to classify a good score in an iBT based TOEFL because each school have their own standards. However, the more proficiency you display, the higher would be the score, which in turn always ensures your chances for entry into schools of your choice. The score range in all the four domains of reading, listening, speaking and writing is 0 to 30 and the total score of an iBT based TOEFL is 120. What is a good score in TOEFL

A detailed version of the TOEFL score requirements is available here from the ETS site. Do go through this list and do your best. What is a good score in TOEFL

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