The United States is a country that combines diverse geography and culture with a reputation for academic excellence, making it a leading destination for students pursuing master’s degrees. It’s a melting pot of ethnicities, nationalities, races, classes, and opinions, and with a large number of foreign students enrolled in masters degree programs all over the country, the USA is a wonderful place to further your education.

Step 1: Career and School Selection

Students are prone to following a herd mentality and tend to overlook their strengths and weaknesses. Collegepond works with each student forte, dreams and aspirations and accordingly recommends career opportunities suitable for them.

We have personal sessions with students, we get them to answer a few questions, and based on their answers we try to analyze the most suitable career options for them. This process also helps us understand the student’s strengths and weaknesses and thus helps us assist them in building their profile.MS AND PHD COUNSELING

Education Counsellor
Education Counsellor

Step 6: Financial Planning

Studying abroad is an expensive affair and we at Collegepond believe in helping students to manage finance in a smart and effective manner. Collegepond conducts free in-house seminars from time to time for its students and parents to help them ease out their financial worries.  We not only go through your documents at every stage, but also simplify the process by providing you with best tie ups with financial institutions. We help students with scholarship essays as well because scholarships go a long way in alleviating financial burden. MS AND PHD COUNSELING MS AND PHD COUNSELING MS AND PHD COUNSELING


Step 5: Visa Counseling

Acquiring visa is of utmost importance to ensure studies abroad and often the visa process is daunting and lengthy with several proofs and documents that need to be submitted. In such a case, a visa counselling session offered by our experienced counsellors with resolve all doubts and queries regarding visa applications and a discussion of most common asked visa questions and how to answer then will greatly contribute towards alleviating student anxieties before visa interviews. MS AND PHD COUNSELING MS AND PHD COUNSELING MS AND PHD COUNSELING

Education Counsellor

MS Results

Collegepond enhanced my perspective of the entire foreign education process, right from the entrance tests preparation to the application process and even helped me with the visa process. Through Collegepond’s network, I could interact with seniors and learn from their experiences as well. I would really like to thank Collegepond for all their help and support. They are the best!

Surbhi Kadam: CMU - ECE

Collegepond provides great coaching and even better counselling. They help you take Straight forward discussions. I am very satisfied with their service. SOPs and LORs sessions made my average profile look way better. All the necessary things were always informed way in advance. Visa and finances arrangements were made easy for me and my parents. Thanks to the entire team overall it has been a great experience.

Richa Netto: Columbia - ECE

Enrolling with Collegepond was one of the best decisions I took last year. Their experience and expertise in this domain is unparalleled. They make the entire process very seamless with the right guidance and information. Thank you team Collegepond for helping me get into my dream university. I strongly recommend Collegepond to everyone who wish to go abroad for higher studies.

Pinank Shah: Columbia - MS in Financial Engineering

What sets Collegepond apart is their ability to guide the student during the entire application process, at the same time, teaching them to be independent and making them take important decisions on their own. Overall it has been a great experience with them and I would like to thank the entire team for their endless help, guidance and support. They help you climb the ladder to success!

Savita Yelamanchili: UMich Ann Arbor - MS in EE

The overall experience with Collegepond has been very good. They have always been there to help me out no matter what the time was. The guidance offered helped me to keep the tension and anxiety at the minimum. Thank you Collegepond!

Aditya kurup: NYU - MIS

Team Collegepond was always available whenever I needed them and they provided excellent guidance during all the stages of the entire application process, right from university selection to visa. They have always provided comprehensive guidance.

Jheel Doshi: UMCP -MIS

It was very nice experience, everyone in Collegepond was very helpful. Everyone was always there to clear my doubts and to help me with SOP LORs and application process. Collegepond made my journey very easy starting from GRE till today.

Gayatri Vora: CUBoulder - Ms in Aerospace

I didn’t know much about the process of applying to the U.S.A. but Collegepond was very helped at every step and thanks to their help got into one of the best universities for my field. I could not thank them enough for all their help.

Milind Nadkarni: CMU- Ms in Entertainment Technology

The overall experience with Collegepond has been very good. The counsellors have always been there to help me out no matter what the time was. The guidance offered helped me keep the anxiety minimum and also to get into the best university!

Janav Udani: Purdue - Ms in Astronomical Engineering

I had a great experience with Collegepond. They guided us right from the very beginning of our journey. Throughout the application process they assisted me with all my doubts and queries. Thank you Collegepond for helping me get into my dream university.

Hardh Mehta: Columbia - Ms in Mechanical

Collegepond has been of a lot of help throughout the entire process. They would be there for me endlessly till I was completely satisfied with my documents and other preparations. I could always seek their help and advice.

Pooja Bhalode: CMU - Ms in Chemical Engineering

Collegepond team has been so great. They helped a lot while drafting my SOP, LOR and resume and also during the visa process. Everyone are extremely helpful, supportive and friendly. Thank you so much for all your help. It has been a great experience.

Niharika Purbey: Columbia - CS

Collegepond has been instrumental in my journey to the graduate school. Neha, Jimeet and Suraj are always available to clear all the doubts thereby making application process easy. Thank You team Collegepond for being there for me throughout this journey.

Rohan Bokil: Clemson - MS in Mechanical Engineering

Collegepond made the whole gruelling experience of the application process easier.The seminars conducted were very helpful.Also the counsellors were always accessible and solved all doubts as soon as possible.In general loved the whole experience with Collegepond !

Priyanka Hegde: UMass Amherst - MS in ECE

Collegepond follows an organised way of handling the entire process right from the GRE classes to the visa process. Everyone at Collegepond has been very helpful. With the correct guidance I was successful in getting an admit in my dream university. Thank you so much for everything Collegepond!

Omkar Nalawade: Upenn - MS in ECE

I had a great time with Collegepond. Initially, I was completely clueless about the whole application procedure but after joining them, I received the necessary help at each and every step. My doubts and grievances were addressed immediately with patience despite of the continual hounding.

Vanthana Sachdev: ASU - CS

Collegepond made a lengthy and time consuming task very easy with the help of their guidance and accurate instructions. They guide you through the entire process wonderfully. They are truly the best counsellors one could ever have. With their guidance I got the best university!

Ajay Dhawlae: UPenn - MS in Chemical Engineering

All the seminars conducted by Collegepond were well organised, knowledgeable and the materials provided during the entire process were very helpful. The counsellors are readily available to solve doubts either over the phone or in person. Offices are also well maintained.

Janak Bhalla: IUB - MS in CS

I had a wonderful experience with Collegepond. Everyone are very friendly and cooperative. They helped me overcome numerous hurdles during the application process with the help of their knowledge and experience. I was always at ease knowing that I had them to back on. I would surely recommend Collegepond.

Parth Mehta: NYU Poly - MIS

Counselling Results

Education Counsellor | Collegepond
Education Counsellor | Collegepond
Education Counsellor | Collegepond