While SAT VS ACT is an on-going debate, it is like comparing apples to oranges. Both vary considerably in their in structure and syllabus. You must ultimately opt for format you feel more comfortable with. ACT vs SAT

Let’s examine two in detail and look at the main differences: ACT vs SAT

1. While SAT is an aptitude test, ACT is curriculum –based exam. Consistently good academic performers would prefer ACT as it would be on the lines of the tests they have been taking in their schools. SAT, on the other hand, is will appeal to the aspirants who have good reasoning skills and thrive on challenges. ACT vs SAT

2. ACT has a wider syllabus that includes Math, English, Reading, Science and an optional writing test whereas SAT centres around Mathematics, critical reasoning and written English test only. ACT vs SAT

3. When it comes to predictability, difficulty and understanding the questions, ACT is easier to comprehend in the very first glance while SAT questions may not be straight forward and require some brain racking.

4. If you are not the one who burnt the midnight oil mastering your concepts in science, you are better off taking SAT as ACT has a mandatory science section. ACT vs SAT

5. Both SAT and ACT has math section but again there is the difference. ACT includes complex concepts. You will be given a formula booklet along with ACT test paper, which is not in the case of SAT. Extensive syllabus does not imply that ACT math is tougher than SAT. In fact ACT math questions are more direct and clear-cut as compared to SAT.

 6. Writing test in ACT is optional, but SAT has made it obligatory. While taking ACT, one has the flexibility to take or not take the writing test depending on the stipulation of the college one is applying to. The final score however will not include in the evaluation for writing and it will appear as a separate component, for the schools to see, if required.

 7. Blind guessing does not work as far as SAT is concerned as one is penalized for a wrong answer but when it comes to ACT, there is no negative marking. ACT vs SAT

8. ACT may look like more structured in terms of the way test papers are designed .The flow of SAT paper may necessitate you to move from the math section to writing to critical reasoning and again come back to math. This may leave you slightly baffled if you are looking for an orderly layout whereas ACT has more predictable format.

9. If you are walking lexicon and love vocabulary, SAT is going to excite you for sure. If vocab is not your cup of tea at all, ACT is a better fit. ACT vs SAT

10. ACT requires you to memorize much content and, therefore, necessitates a strong memory recall, SAT, on the other hand, requires you to be able to think on your feet and crack the test strategies. ACT vs SAT

ACT presents a holistic picture of your capabilities and SAT gives an insight into your individual strengths. Deciding between the two is more to do with your individual fortes and inclinations as both carry same weight age as far as admission committee is concerned.