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One does not need to be an ace performer in order to make it to the top colleges; all one needs is a competitive edge. An impressive credential is indispensable to the selection process and you must never shy away from investing your time and energies into building an impressive credential. Collegepond helps you put your best foot forward, magnify your academic achievements and amplify your leadership in extracurricular activities.

How does one individual differentiate from another with the similar academic performance or GPA?  It is the credentials outside of class or work that will make the difference in the application, whether it is working as a research assistant, publishing a paper, working for a non-profit organization, etc.  Credentials are not built overnight; rather it takes months or perhaps even more than a year to do so. Collegepond will work with the potential applicant to determine how to create his resume for college application.  In addition, Collegepond will continuously monitor the same and add valuable inputs through the tenure of the relationship.