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When you are standing at the crossroads, unable to decide which course to take and which university to go for, diving headfirst can be dangerous. Choice of schools should not happen randomly based on your own whims and fancies.  You are going to spend a fortune on this program and make sure you pick up a program that is in complete sync with your academic interest, inherent abilities and long term career goals. It is not about how reputed the university is or how sought after the course is; it has more to do with how well the program fits with your aspirations.

We have discovered over the years that students follow a “herd” mentality in determining their career objectives.  They tend to overlook their strengths and weaknesses and are unable to assess the multitude of career choices available to them.  Collegepond works with each student to determine each student’s forte, dreams and aspirations and accordingly recommends career opportunities suitable for them. Collegepond works with students and their parents to determine the right strategy to employ in school selection with the goal of reducing the overall cost of education.  Some strategies involve going to a public institution and then transferring to a private institution while others include taking core classes at an inexpensive university or community college to reduce the total bill. Besides working to reduce the total cost of education, Collegepond’s School Selection Services is focused on ensuring that students have ample career opportunities post-graduation.