Careers in Journalism

Journalism is one of the most important vocations. Not only do journalists report news, but are also responsible for searching out new stories that might impact the larger society. They are also responsible for shaping opinions and perceptions about important social issues. From the local to the national level, journalists play a key role in shaping public opinions and perceptions.

Journalism has seen a radical change especially in both print and visual medium over the years. There is an intense competition for increased readership and viewership in the print and the visual media of journalism respectively. Both these journalists have to battle the daily stresses of work and life in order to produce relevant results. The job is stressful and may involve very high workloads in order to meet tight deadlines. This vocation requires passion and complete dedication from an individual if he desires to excel in this highly competitive field. 

Apart from good writing skills, one requires an attention to detail, because it is in this detail that a story brings in both clarity and meaning. Journalism also requires boundless energy and the relentlessness to pursue a good lead. The glamour associated with the visual medium can be misleading for many young media aspirants, as we don’t get to see the great efforts that goes behind bringing all these stories on to the TV screens. 

Journalism can be an ideal career for those who love to read books and write. This vocation offers them an opportunity to extend their natural talents and utilize them to the best of their abilities. There are also various streams within journalism that a journalist can specialize in.

These specializations include:

  • Advertising
  • Sports-media
  • News
  • Photo-journalism
  • New media producer
  • Science and Environmental Journalism
  • Film journalism.
  • Digital and Interactive- Media Journalism
  • Public Relations and Advertising
  • Journalism Design and Graphics
  • Enterprise Journalism
  • Broadcast Journalism
  • Political Journalism
  • Global Journalism

The top universities which offer courses on Journalism in USA are:


ASU Undergraduate, Graduate, Doctoral
UT- Austin Undergraduate, Graduate, Doctoral
University of Wisconsin Undergraduate, Graduate
Syracuse University Undergraduate, Graduate, Doctoral
University of Southern California Undergraduate, Graduate, Doctoral
University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill Undergraduate, Graduate
Northwestern University Undergraduate, Graduate
New York University Undergraduate, Graduate
University of Missouri Undergraduate, Graduate, Doctoral
University of Florida Undergraduate, Graduate
CUNY Grad School of Journalism Graduate
University of California Berkeley Graduate
Columbia University Graduate, Doctoral
Emerson College Undergraduate, Graduate
University of Maryland Undergraduate, Graduate
Boston University Undergraduate, Graduate
George Washington University Undergraduate, Graduate
University of Georgia Undergraduate, Graduate, Doctoral
Ball State University Undergraduate, Graduate, Doctoral
University of Arkansas Undergraduate, Graduate, Doctoral
University of Oklahoma Undergraduate, Graduate, Doctoral
Indiana University Undergraduate, Graduate, Doctoral
University of Kansas Undergraduate, Graduate, Doctoral
Ohio University Undergraduate, Graduate
Ithaca College Graduate
Kent State University Undergraduate, Graduate
Auburn University Undergraduate, Graduate
Iowa University Undergraduate, Graduate
University of Nevada-Reno Undergraduate, Graduate


The top universities in India to pursue Journalism for Masters are:

Asian College of Journalism

Mudra Institute of Communication

Indian Institute of Mass Communication

Xavier Institute of Communication   

Indian Institute of Journalism and New Media

AJK Mass Communication Research Center

Manorama School of communication

Times school of journalism

Indraprastha College of Women

**Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication – (offers undergrad in BMS with specialization in Journalism)


After a degree in Journalism, depending on the area of specialization the career of a Journalist can be as follows:

  • Reporter
  • Feature Writer
  • Leader Writer
  • Proof Reader
  • Editor
  • Cartoonist
  • Photo Journalist
  • Critic
  • Columnist
  • Researcher
  • Broadcast Reporter
  • Presenter

Salaries in journalism in India, begin at Rs.3,50,000 per annum. Depending on the organization, the salary increases with the number of years of experience. The visual media, on the other hand, offers marginally more with salaries beginning at Rs.400,000.

In US based journalism jobs, recent graduates earn an average annual salary of $53,962 and news editors/ analysts earn $65,879.