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The first step in the admission process involves completing the application form, a document crucial to the admission process. The application forms are lengthy and require details of students ranging from their academic records to their work experience and co-curricular activities to their personal details. The information thus captured is used by the University for Personal Record, and any discrepancies or errors can cost the student their admission into that particular university. Thus, filling the application form accurately is one of the most significant steps in the admission process. Below are a few pointers that will ensure a smooth and quick application form submission. Before Filling Out the Application Form There are a few things that must be taken care of before you begin to fill out the application form. You will usually need a recommendation letter from a professor or employer as well as official copies of your gradesREAD MORE
Planning Your Application Process
Planning Your Application Process The application process is one of the most substantial and time-consuming processes that requires a lot of premeditated planning and preparation. Students are often befuddled regarding how to plan the application process which, if not done correctly can lead to missing out on application deadlines. An important thing that students must keep in mind is that deadlines are firm and non-negotiable. To ensure that students meet the deadlines, here is an outline regarding the application process. Students should start working on grad school timelines, at least, a year before they are planning to join that particular grad school. Following these basic steps will help students to ensure the application process goes smoothly. Planning Your Application Process A year before enrollment / three months before application deadline After identifying the program and specialization that you want to go for, you must conduct a thorough research on institutions offeringREAD MORE
DIFFERENT ASPECTS OF APPLICATION PROCESS In today’s competitive world, it has become imperative to go abroad for masters in order to fortify one’s knowledgebase, gain a global exposure and ensure a rewarding career. Going abroad for further studies requires a host of meticulous preparations and one of the most significant parts is the application process. Students must keep in mind that the application process is multidimensional and has several aspects that must be considered for smooth and hassle-free admission aspects of application process. Different aspects of application process Preparation in advance different aspects of application process International students often underestimate the amount of time required to apply for admission to a university abroad. Beginning the application process at the earliest is the best strategy. You need sufficient time to conduct a thorough and detailed research about the institution and the course that you wish to study. Starting well in advance ensures youREAD MORE
Early action vs. Early decision vs. Regular decision
Early action vs. Early decision vs. Regular decision The decision to study abroad is  crucial and requires investment in terms of money, time and concentrated efforts. This decision should be promptly followed by outlining university preferences through detailed research and arriving at a list of prospective universities. The next logical step is to start applying to universities but before beginning the application process, one should be aware of the various options. There are three options- early action, early decision, and regular decision. Applying early requires a lot of preparation, so be sure that you are applying to an institution that you surely want to attend else you can always opt for regular decision. Early action vs. Early decision vs. Regular decision To choose any option, you must be clear about what each option entails and then go ahead with applying to universities. Early action vs. Early decision vs. Regular decision What isREAD MORE
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Masters Graduate Application Process

Getting into a university for higher education is no longer a facile job. Cut throat competition has made it a prerequisite to distinguish oneself from the next applicant and validate the same.

Universities are becoming extremely meticulous about the admission granting norms and procedures as the students are going to be the torch bearers of the university. To truly decipher whether a candidate is veracious about his qualifications and capabilities, the admission committee has inculcated several preconditions in the application process. Earlier, the application process simply required students to provide transcripts, certificates and admission fees, which would suffice for securing admission at the university, but now with the changing times, the application process has evolved, only to become more labyrinthine. Today students need to submit and prepare an array of requirements like- resume, SOP, LOR, Skype interviews, case studies, group discussions, multiple mini interviews, and video essays. Students also need to be mindful of their tweets and social media profiles. Masters Graduate Application Process | USA Universities


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