Civil Engineering

Career after BE in Civil Engineering

Career after BE in Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering involves designing, constructing, building and maintaining of structures in a physically built society. It includes basic civic amenities like roads, bridges, dams, sewage treatment systems, airports, energy systems, infrastructure for beautifying the environment and so on. Career after BE in Civil Engineering

By the time a student finishes his 4 year bachelor’s course in civil engineering, he is well versed with mathematics, statistics, engineering mechanics, fluid dynamics etc. He is then prepared to step into the work environment and apply the knowledge gained practically. Career after BE in Civil Engineering

Within the industry, a civil engineer is also known as a City engineer or a Transportation engineer. Civil Engineers mostly work indoors, however sometimes they need to visit the construction sites to monitor progress.

A civil engineer’s role typically involves the following:

  • Analyzing survey maps and planning projects, reports, presentation etc.
  • Efficient planning taking government rules and regulations along with cost and environment into consideration
  • Testing and retesting of ground and soil
  • Testing materials like concrete, asphalt, steel etc.
  • Determining a project’s cost estimate
  • Use of specific designing software
  • Take environmental impacts into consideration
  • Participate in surveys as guidance for construction

Being the second largest growing industry in the country, pursuing a career in Civil engineering has great scope. Based on surveys about 30% of India’s working population depends on it.

Jobs are easily available in various sectors like research, government, private and business organization

One can expect a good salary package. It can start with 3 lacs per annum, which doubles after 1-2 years. It can go up-to a 6-figure amount as the number of years in a company increases.

The career prospects for a civil engineer are as follows: Career after BE in Civil Engineering



Annual Income (average)

·         Water Resource Engineer Rs 260000
·         Site Engineer Rs 310000
·         Structural Engineer Rs 475000
·         Contract Engineer Rs 375000
·         Nuclear Engineer Rs 330000
·         Transportation Engineer Rs 300000
·         Geotechnical Engineer Rs 330000
·         Building Services Engineer Rs 300000
·         Coastal Engineer Rs 500000
·         Quantity Surveyor Rs 670000
·         Geologist Engineer Rs 480000
·         Environment Engineer Rs 350000
·         Sustainability Consultant Rs 550000
·         Construction Engineer Rs 330000
·         Research and  Development Rs 500000


I am very glad to appraise Mr. ________________ as a candidate for the masters program at your esteemed institution. I have known him for the last three years during the course of his undergraduate studies at _______ College Of Engineering. Owing to his performance in academics as well as on the extracurricular fronts, I feel he deserves my endorsement.

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Sample SOP for Transportation Engineering

Growing up and working on infrastructure projects in a metropolitan city like Mumbai, I have witnessed the mayhem which engulfs the transportation sector. A perennially burgeoning population and a rapidly growing middle class are placing an additional burden on an already saturated transport network. As the city and the country moves along its growth trajectory, the transportation network is amongst the first issues to reckon with. In this regard, the federal and state governments have gradually committed substantial resources to overhaul the transportation network within cities as well as connect the different nerve centres (i.e. cities) within the country. The plan for a new infrastructure development plan for the country from 2015 onwards has been tabled; the product of this will be numerous projects being floated.

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Sample SOP for Civil Engineering

Construction has been running in the family for the past two generations.  My grandfather started his career at an engineering company and towards the later part of his career, he incepted a construction contracting company. Shortly thereafter, my uncle and my father joined the same company and they have expanded the company from constructing building to walkways, bridges, roads and other infrastructure related assignments.  As the third generation, I intend to join company the family jewel and further grow it in the infrastructure space, project management consultancy as well as spearhead real estate development.  In this regard, I look forward to pursuing my Masters in Construction Engineering and Project Management.

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