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As computers revolutionise the world around us, spilling into every aspect of our lives, right from banking, financial markets, e-commerce, manufacturing, healthcare and many more sectors, the demand for computer technologists is on the rise. Similarly, several fields that intersect with Computer Science have surfaced, which require a combination of skill sets for successful execution. With students being absorbed in various roles in companies like Google, Microsoft and Facebook as well as at start-ups and small and medium enterprises, these graduates having diverse backgrounds are very much in demand. The combination of skills has helped them take up prime positions in industries like bioinformatics, medicine, finance, telecommunications, media and many others. As young aspirants contemplate switching over to Computer Science or allied fields like Data Science, Computer Engineering, MIS or Business Analytics, they are wracked by apprehension, self-doubt and a feeling of moving out of safe territory. This has dissuadedREAD MORE
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Sample SOP for CS

It was the International Conference on Machine Learning and Computing held at Singapore in March 2011. I was presenting my first research paper, on the scheduling of timetables using hyperheuristics. An audience of international scholars and computer scientists sat in front of me, patiently waiting to hear what I had to say. Months of hard work and perseverance had paid off and I was thrilled yet nervous.   As I began to deliver the presentation, I felt a sense of belonging and attachment to the audience.  The presentation went off well and I was able to answer all the queries succinctly.


Sample SOP for CS

“Great application man, you just saved me a ton of time”.

“Awesome, did not know there were so many restaurants in our area”.

These are just a few comments I received after creating and distributing a mobile application ‘Globe Trotters’. The application was developed in J2ME for the Symbian OS and served as a guide for various tourist spots and attractions in a selected area. It was an instant hit in my class and helped around 750 people in the student community. I am currently working on the next version of the application, which will encompass additional features such as contextual based search. Working on this application has not only given me tremendous satisfaction and recognition but also ignited a spark in me to explore the field of computer science. In this regard, I wish to pursue my MS in Computer Science (CS) with a specialization in HCI from Georgia Institute of Technology (GaTech).

Sample SOP for MS in CS

| Sample SOP for MS in CS – This a Statement of Purpose of a student who got admitted to SUNYB for the Masters in CS program. |

I still remember the day when I received the 1st prize at “Tatva Convergence 2011from over 200 entrants for the web idea, BOOK MY FOOD, an application that facilitates online ordering of food from various hotels in Mumbai. Given its appreciation, I decided to develop a mobile application for the Android platform. While I have not completed the application yet, the planning of the user interface and experience, delving into reference books and programming has ignited an interest in Mobile Computing.  In this regard, I would like to pursue a Masters in Computer Science to obtain a holistic perspective of various aspects of mobile computing, including human-computer interaction, networking, programming, security, etc. My short-term goal is to work on mobile development projects in firms such as Apple, Google, etc. In the long run, I see myself applying my knowledge and experience to become a successful entrepreneur for developing customized applications for mobile phones and tablets in the fields of banking, education, knowledge development, insurance and financial planning, etc.  (more…)


Dear Graduate School Admission Office Management

 It is my pleasure to write this letter in support of ________.  ________ is one of the most creative, intelligent and
capable individuals I have had the good fortune to work with and know.  I have no hesitation in enthusiastically recommending ________ for the Master’s program in Computer Science.  I am convinced that she would excel in this program and be a true asset to your University. (more…)