To Whom It May Concern

I am writing to you with regard to Ms. ___________, who has requested a letter of recommendation about
her internship experience at our company. She and I discussed her decision to pursue graduate studies at Duke University and I applaud her decision and strong desire to take her dedication and skill to the next level.  She worked with us as an intern for four months (Summer 2011).   As a marketing head, I have observed her work  and am confident that she is a deserving candidate for your business program. She proved herself to be a hardworking and enthusiastic individual. Overall, she was always passionate when learning new skills and knowledge, and became a quick learner. She would talk with and acquire insights from various teams and asked interesting and in-depth questions about the industry. She approached every task with great enthusiasm and effort.

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Master of Engineering Management
Master of Engineering Management Not all students are blessed with the skills and aptitude for design and research. Several students get into undergraduate degrees in engineering following a herd mentality or because they assume that their curiosity for technology makes them natural engineers. Are you one of those students who, instead of working on the improvisation of a supercritical steam generator, would rather design a highly efficient thermal plant? Or one, who instead of designing the next best-in-class off-roader SUV would prefer working on integrating lean manufacturing techniques in the automobile manufacturing plant and help it achieve six-sigma certification? If yes, then fret not. There are a whole host of opportunities waiting for you, where you get to employ your analytical aptitude developed during your undergraduate degree. Master of Engineering Management If you wish to work on projects as described above, you need to equip yourself with a Master’s degree inREAD MORE