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A new dawn awaits you as fly to your dream study destination — the US! Whether your start is a roller coaster ride or a smooth sail will completely depend on your interaction with the very first person you will meet on arrival.  Well, you don’t have a choice.  Meeting this person, the officer from Customs and Border protection (CBP) is your unavoidable destiny.  This guy is highly skilled and knows his job quite well.  His first and foremost concern is security, and you may need to cool your heels at the airport for a while till he checks your name against many computers.  Try and understand things from immigration officer’s perspective.  For him, you are an alien and all that they trust are your documents.  Make sure that your answers to the questions asked by the immigration officer are in resonance with the ones you affirmed to the US Consular officer.   (more…)

culture shock
Culture Shock | How to adjust in a foreign country? How to adjust in a foreign country? Culture Shock With its gigantic size, geographical difference, varying climate and eclectic mix of  different ethnicities, USA like India is a  land of diverse cultures. Like any other country, USA too has its unique characteristics which make it exclusively “American”. When a starry-eyed student lands in the US with high hopes for future, the initial flurry of excitement   soon  gives way to the bewilderment of unanticipated cultural shock. Leaving the comfortable settings of the home country can be a stressful experience for many but if one is  forearmed with the wisdom to address cultural shock effectively, his/her  phase of transition can get less intimidating. Culture Shock Why do international students undergo cultural shock? Moving to a dissimilar cultural setting can be exhilarating as well as  disconcerting. Everyone reacts differently to the challenging process of cultural adjustment. Whether one’sREAD MORE
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If you’re travelling abroad for the first time, here are some things you should be prepared with. Your decision to pursue your higher education in a foreign country has been based on myriad factors such as how the country is the centre of academic excellence, has state-of-the-art infrastructure, offers a flexible curriculum and research based teaching methodology etc. (more…)

Dos and Dont of F1 Visa Application Process
[1] I have been offered to pay for my program by working as a teaching or research assistant. Do I need to get a work visa? No. Work in the university which is related to your program of study does not require an additional visa beyond your student visa. Dos and Dont of F1 Visa Application Process  [2] Do i have to pay SEVIS FEE for my dependents? Dos and Dont of F1 Visa Application Process  No, Sevis Fee has to be paid for the student only. Separate DS-160 forms will have to be filled out for dependents. [3] I have made a mistake in my DS-160 Form but the visa appointments are already booked. What shall i do?       Dos and Dont of F1 Visa Application Process  Inform the customer service in case of errors, they will make the required changes from the back-end. [4] I was filling up ds160 form andREAD MORE
MBA Professional Scholarships

University of Hertfordshire is offering MBA scholarships for UK/EU or international students. Candidates must be eligible to pay the University’s UK/EU or International tuition fees. The 40% scholarship award will be calculated based on the fees applicable to each applicant. The main criteria for the award of scholarships will be the outstanding contribution made by the applicant to his/ her organisation in the last 3-5 years. The deadline for the receipt of applications is 1 August 2014 for UK/EU applicants and 1 July 2014 for International Applicants. (more…)

Scholarship for Education in USA

StreamlineRefinance.net is offering $1,000 annual scholarship for students who are currently enrolled in finance, economics, or investment related fields and who are pursuing advanced education in these particular areas. Applicant shall be at least 17 years of age or older and must be attending the program within an accredited institution within the United States. To be eligible for this scholarship program, applicant must be either a citizen of the United States or a foreign student with a valid United States Student Visa. The application deadline is December 15, 2014. Scholarship for Education in USA (more…)

Business Programs in USA
Every year, an estimated 80,000 students come to the US from India to pursue higher studies. Among them, a substantial number apply for a bachelor or a masters program in business administration. Business Programs in USA A substantial number of students who apply for their higher studies in the USA go for programs in business management. According to specific needs of various students, Universities have devised these programs keeping in view the demand in the industry. Depending on his or her academic or professional backgrounds, students have the following options for pursuing a business-related Master’s degree:Business Programs in USA Masters of Business Administration If you have a good academic profile, a work experience of 3+ years, and a good score in the GMAT, you would be eligible for the MBA program. While it continues to be one of the hottest degrees, the MBA program fees are among the highest. DependingREAD MORE