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How to choose a University for Masters USA

The admission process is a long and cumbersome marathon. From deciding which colleges to apply to, to choosing once you receive your admits, every checkpoint requires careful consideration. Since going to another country to study is definitely not an easy decision, we have compiled a list of important resources that will help you make a practical and well thought-out decision. How to choose a University for Masters | USA Read More

Masters Graduate Application Process

Getting into a university for higher education is no longer a facile job. Cut throat competition has made it a prerequisite to distinguish oneself from the next applicant and validate the same.

Universities are becoming extremely meticulous about the admission granting norms and procedures as the students are going to be the torch bearers of the university. To truly decipher whether a candidate is veracious about his qualifications and capabilities, the admission committee has inculcated several preconditions in the application process. Earlier, the application process simply required students to provide transcripts, certificates and admission fees, which would suffice for securing admission at the university, but now with the changing times, the application process has evolved, only to become more labyrinthine. Today students need to submit and prepare an array of requirements like- resume, SOP, LOR, Skype interviews, case studies, group discussions, multiple mini interviews, and video essays. Students also need to be mindful of their tweets and social media profiles. Masters Graduate Application Process | USA Universities

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OPT STEM Extension

17 months OPT STEM Extension revoked by Federal Court:

The federal court’s ruling on 12th August, 2015 has put the STEM OPT extension in jeopardy. This judgement has created quite a stir! There is a lot of confusion and bewilderment among the students who have a STEM degree from US Schools and are working on the 12 month OPT. In fact many students who are yet to take admissions in the US schools for the spring/fall 2016 are confused whether they should go to the US and if they do, will they be able to work there after their masters. Through this article we hope to bring some clarity on this matter.

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Top Fields for MS in USA

After earning a Bachelors degree in one of the engineering fields, your next step would be to go to graduate school. But stepping into this field has manifold options. An engineering student going for Masters in Engineering is an antiquated approach. The world of education is in the midst of a metamorphosis. Why should you follow the beaten path? During the course of your Bachelors education, you may have developed an interest for something pertaining to the science field, but adrift from the core science subjects or interdisciplinary fields of science. Well, worry no more because there is a plethora of subjects that you can choose from to major in.

The field of sciences is witnessing a revolution with several neoteric subjects. The scope of studying in the science field has broadened to include – Top Fields for MS in USA Top Fields for MS in USA Top Fields for MS in USA

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MS in UK

Are you confused about which continent to choose for pursuing higher studies? While Europe’s rich culture and heritage may attract you, the American hype may also lure you. No matter which side of the ocean you choose, both USA, and European countries share an excellent quality of higher education, magnificent research facilities, and academic freedom. Before applying to top-notch universities, you must consider a few things about attending graduate school abroad. In this article, we will highlight the pros and cons of European and American education system and underline the differences between the two in terms of:- MS in UK MS in UK MS in UK MS in UK

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Study Abroad in Germany

Germany, the birthplace of Kindergarten schooling and the modern university, is a dream destination for students. It is well-known for courses in science and engineering, especially automotive, mechanical and biomedical. Study Abroad in Germany

Getting admission into German Universities can be a huge task. The education is free; yes, you read that right, as 95% of the universities do not charge any tuition fee. However, there is always a price to pay as nothing comes for free; and the price for this would be a great educational background.  Study Abroad in Germany

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What is the Return on Investment for MS in USA

Ever-increasing tuition fees has necessitated students to look for courses and decide on schools that guarantee rewarding jobs and ensure a stable future along with a good return on Investment.

Whether your decision to pursue a master will prove to be a boarding pass to Charlie’s Chocolate Factory or will lead you up the garden path, is largely dependent on the return on investment of your decision. What is the Return on Investment for MS in USA Read More

Scholarships for MS

Following options will help cut your financial costs when studying abroad.

Scholarships for MS
Fellowships –> Fellowships generally provide payment of tuition and a stipend for living expenses. Institutional fellowships are awarded either by departments or by a central fellowship office in an institution. Most are based solely on academic merit, although there may be some institutional awards that are intended for certain people, like children of veterans or people in a certain field of study. Even restricted fellowships generally involve some academic merit. Institutions that are actively recruiting students from populations underrepresented in their student body may have special fellowship programs to attract them. Scholarships for MS

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Financial Aid for MS

Financial Aid for MS

An education in the US can be prohibitively expensive. Apart from the tuition fees, which alone run into thousands of dollars, there are also costs that involve lodging and boarding. These costs can be quite demoralizing for a strictly budget student. Most students are reliant on parental savings, student loans, and in some rare cases, sponsorships. This investment can be quite considerable and therefore we need to think in terms of cutting our costs. Financial Aid for MS

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