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University of Michigan, Ann Arbor | Student Feedback My Experience @UMich Carnegie Mellon University University of Michigan, Ann Arbor is a very reputed school in any program throughout the US and would encourage students to apply to ambitious schools, since in the end what matters is one should not regret of not having applied to schools that you could possibly go to. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor is the best school in the US for Automotive Engineering in any of the domains - Powertrain, Electric Vehicles, Autonomous Vehicles, Robotics. Courses : The courses in offering are very diverse - a) Automotive Vehicle Systems where you have Industry Guest Lecturers giving knowledge about the domains and the future industry trends.b) Vehicle System Design - Students actually get to build an Autonomous vehicle from scratch, hands on experience and getting your hands dirty. Research: The research labs and the projects that students getREAD MORE
Admission to the Master’s program in US universities depends on several criteria. Apart from focusing on academics, universities give importance to GRE scores. Doing well in your GRE increases the weightage of your application. The best definition of a good GRE score is that it should get you into your school of choice. Most colleges have a cut off GRE score, or a minimum score that you must meet for your application to be considered. Sometimes meeting this cut off score is enough for the school to feel confident about your quantitative, verbal and analytical skills, but it is recommended that you score higher than the cut-off score to improve your chances of being admitted. Some schools are more accommodating and flexible. They assess your overall profile if you fail to meet their GRE cut-off score. Hence, before you begin studying for the GRE, it’s a good idea to knowREAD MORE
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A TOEFL score is usually considered as a criterion for rejection rather than for selection. Universities spell out a minimum score as a mandatory requirement for students coming from non-English speaking countries since English is the language of communication in the US.  If you meet this eligibility requirement, your application is passed on to the next stage of the selection procedure. Sometimes meeting this cut off score is enough for the school to feel confident about your English skills, but there are cases where it is recommended that you score higher than the cut-off score to improve your chances of being admitted. Some schools are more accommodating and flexible and ask for alternative requirements if you fail to meet their TOEFL cut-off score. Hence, before you begin studying for the TOEFL, it’s a good idea to know the score that you need to achieve. Given below is a list ofREAD MORE
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Georgia Tech | Student Feedback About the Course Georgia Tech | Student Feedback [ Financial Engineering (Quantitative and Computational Finance) at Georgia Tech is a top 10 course currently with a great faculty and super strong placements happening over the last season. Course work wise if you haven't done all three levels of CFA, it's a great value add. But the Mathematical Finance part is very tough to get a hang on in the initial month, cause as a Mumbai University candidate your 4 semester of Mathematics knowledge is all thanks to Kumbhojkar, while you are competing with peers from IIT Bombay, Kharagpur, Madras, Delhi, Kanpur, BITS Pilani/Goa, NIT Suratkal, Delhi College of Engineering etc, who have their mathematical base of probability and statistics super strong. A genuine advice would be to take a refresher course in Probability and Differential Calculus before coming here. Also a short introduction to finance is very muchREAD MORE
University of Maryland Collegepark
University of Maryland Collegepark Hi, University of Maryland Collegepark So here's  my opinion regarding your questions. Take into consideration i have just completed 1 semester and have barely started the new one so all my answers might not be correct. FYI I am currently doing MIS in University of Maryland. Most of my answers might be related to my course and may not pertain to other courses in the university. About the Course University of Maryland Collegepark Good course so far subjects and professors are mostly pretty good. Not very happy with the career services Im happy with everything else. How many % of student in your course are Indians? Need just an approximate.   50% maybe more.(Ya kinda sucks) Which country people are most in your university? In my program(MIS) there are mostly Indians and Chinese not sure about other programs, I think CS might have better diversity. Does the universityREAD MORE
University of Illinois at Chicago
University of Illinois at Chicago | Student Feedback Graduate studies are going good and first semester passed away smoothly and just doesn't feel that 6 months have already passed. As for UIC, it has been a good experience till now if not great. University of Illinois at Chicago For Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, the research is limited as UIC is facing some serious budget issues. There is a budget impasse in the Illinois State and that has hurt all State universities in Illinois, but no money coming in from the government. This has made the university bring in a lot of people, stretching its resources and infrastructure and increasing the number of students in every class. People need to fight for getting the popular courses. But people do get it eventually. Also not having specified tracks for the courses means, we had to take a few courses out of the fieldREAD MORE
Carnegie Mellon University
Carnegie Mellon University | Student Feedback My Experience @CMU Carnegie Mellon University CMU is a fantastic place to be. Mech, ECE, CS, Robotics departments are one of the best in the country. Most of the students in Mech end up taking courses from CS and Robotics after taking minimum number of courses from MechE. MechE department is very good for Thermal Sciences, Design and Computational Engineering. Courses : There some very good courses offered by MechE department. Engineering Computation, Linear Systems, Numerical Methods, CAD, FEM, Nonlinear Control, Artificial Intelligence for Machine Learning in Engineering Design are some of the popular courses here. Outside MechE, students also take courses like Computer Vision, Machine learning, Data Structures and Algorithms. MechE department has offered a new course in Special Topics in Advanced Engineering Computation which is continuation of Engineering Computation. I recommend students to take both of these courses to enhance programming skills inREAD MORE

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Aerospace engineers can develop control systems for jet fighters, analyze new materials for spacecraft construction and research propulsion methods for missiles. These experts in mechanics, thermodynamics, robotics and aerodynamics are involved in creating and producing helicopters, military and commercial aircraft, rockets and space exploration craft. It’s most common for them to possess an aerospace engineering bachelor’s degree, although a master’s degree is usually needed for careers in engineering education and research. (more…)

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