|This is a letter of recommendation by a professor for a student who got into  COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY for MS in Mechanical Engineering.|

I am pleased to recommend _____ for the Masters Program in your university. I have known _____ for the past three years teaching him courses in Applied Thermodynamics(Semester 3), Thermal Engineering(Semester 4) and Fluid Mechanics(Semester 5). I have also supervised his laboratory work for these subjects. During this time I have had interactions with _____ on an academic and personal level. What struck me instantly was his commitment to his work and his desire to achieve excellence in whatever he undertakes.

Sample SOP for MS in US


| Sample SOP for MS Financial Engineering – This a Statement of Purpose of a student who got admitted to Columbia University for the Masters in Financial Engineering (FE) program. |

Over the last few decades, the landscape of the financial industry has transformed at a persistently rapid rate. The world as we know it has changed dramatically on account of the technology boom and the financial industry has been, in my opinion, the biggest beneficiary of this boom. Gone are the days when human intuition played the key differentiating factor in investment decisions. Algorithmic trading now comprises roughly one-third of total volume traded on many mature derivative exchanges. Today’s financial markets rely on innovative models and advanced quantitative techniques and strategies, executed by computer programs, for value creation. I witnessed this first hand during the two 10-week online courses, “Introduction to Finance” and “Computational Finance and Financial Econometrics”, I took via the free online educational website, Coursera. These courses provided me with introductory knowledge on financial instruments, time series concepts, AR(1) and MA(1) models, Monte Carlo Simulation, Markowitz algorithm, and how to use the statistical programming language R for financial applications. Intrigued by the subject matter and realizing my aptitude for the same, I am eager to expand the knowledge I attained during these courses and pursue more a rigorous and thorough education by pursuing a Master’s degree in Financial Engineering at Columbia University.

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|This is a letter of recommendation by a professor for a student who got into  COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY for MS in Construction Management.|

I am pleased to recommend Mr. __________ for an MS in Construction Management at your esteemed university. He has been my student for four semesters and I have taught him Fluid Mechanics, Transportation Engineering (Parts 1 and 2) and Advanced Computational Techniques. He definitely is a fine student, in terms of aptitude, hard work and motivation. Based on my interactions with him, he has my unqualified recommendation for his further studies.

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I have been interacting with _________ as the Principal of ______________ College of Engineering. My main interactions with him were in the past year (academic year 2011-2012) as he was the Cultural Secretary of the Student Council.Appointed the cultural secretary by the faculty, he has handled the cultural sectors of college to his best abilities and to our full satisfaction. Out of the several events organized, his main responsibility was to organize SPACE (___________ Annual Cultural Extravaganza), our 3 day annual cultural festival, which he did fulfill brilliantly. Being the main organizing head of the festival, he demonstrated that he is well organized, can handle finances well, has good planning and communication skills and is a good team leader.

Sample SOP for CS

It was the International Conference on Machine Learning and Computing held at Singapore in March 2011. I was presenting my first research paper, on the scheduling of timetables using hyperheuristics. An audience of international scholars and computer scientists sat in front of me, patiently waiting to hear what I had to say. Months of hard work and perseverance had paid off and I was thrilled yet nervous.   As I began to deliver the presentation, I felt a sense of belonging and attachment to the audience.  The presentation went off well and I was able to answer all the queries succinctly.


Sample SOP for Mechanical Engineering

Imagine living with no lights in the evening and using kerosene and firewood to keep warm. Startlingly, according to statistics published by Wall Street Journal, one-third of the world’s population lives in this manner. The traditional sources of energy are falling short of the demand and there is an immediate need to harness new forms of energy.  In India, for example, due to excessive power is drawn by the northern sector, the entire grid collapsed and 320 million people, about 9% of the world’s population, faced crippling power crisis as grids collapsed in several parts of the country.  This wasn’t the first time, it has happened several times before.

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