SCHOLARSHIPS FOR MASTERS IN USA Students often get overwhelmed by the high cost of education in US universities and this becomes a major deterrent to many that are considering this option. However, tuition fees can get substantially reduced by applying for scholarships that are available within India and also through the university the student plans to study in. SCHOLARSHIPS FOR MASTERS IN USA While securing scholarships to study abroad is a subject that most students want to know more about, prospective applicants for studying abroad, especially in the United States, are looking for specific information and answers to numerous questions, some of them being ‘Where should I look for securing scholarships?’, or ‘Are there any organisations in India that offer grants to study abroad?’. Fortunately, we have numerous organisations in India that offer grants or loan-scholarships to students aspiring to study abroad. SCHOLARSHIPS FOR MASTERS IN USA The Cornell University isREAD MORE

I have been associated with ____________ for the past two years during which I have taught him various courses like Mass Transfer II (Semester- VI), Reaction Kinetics (Semester- VII) and Chemical Reaction Engineering (Semester VIII). I take the privilege to make an insightful evaluation of him and based on my observations, I recommend him to your prestigious University.

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Sample SOP for Aeronautical Engineering

“Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself” – John Dewey

A quest for knowledge, a pragmatic approach and logical thinking are the driving forces behind every endeavour I undertake. The sound of airplanes during takeoff at a speed as high as 200mph, the vastness of the airplane and the desire to learn the principles behind the flight of the airplane as a kid, landed me in aerospace engineering. Initially joined with an urge to do something interesting, I realized that aeronautical engineering is brimming with opportunities.  Specifically, the prospects within the structural and design space of aerospace engineering is what interests me. I would like to be involved in research ranging from the advancement in the use of composites to the development in 3D analysis software and from the design and systems engineering to the development of missions specific airplanes. A graduate degree from Cornell University will provide me with the requisite theoretical and practical framework to pursue a career in research and development in the fields of composites, structural mechanics, Computational Fluid Dynamics and other research fields related to Aircraft structures.

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