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  1. About the Course Georgia Tech | Student Feedback

[ Financial Engineering (Quantitative and Computational Finance) at Georgia Tech is a top 10 course currently with a great faculty and super strong placements happening over the last season. Course work wise if you haven’t done all three levels of CFA, it’s a great value add. But the Mathematical Finance part is very tough to get a hang on in the initial month, cause as a Mumbai University candidate your 4 semester of Mathematics knowledge is all thanks to Kumbhojkar, while you are competing with peers from IIT Bombay, Kharagpur, Madras, Delhi, Kanpur, BITS Pilani/Goa, NIT Suratkal, Delhi College of Engineering etc, who have their mathematical base of probability and statistics super strong. A genuine advice would be to take a refresher course in Probability and Differential Calculus before coming here. Also a short introduction to finance is very much suggested as to what are options, derivatives and other basic terminologies if you are not aware of. But, on the flip side one good thing Mumbai University has taught us is ‘Catching up towards the end of semester’, though the definition changes a lot here, in the times of intense pressure and need, you need to up your game and to play to your strengths while delivering quality work with every deadline which is every week during the semester.]

  1. How many % of student in your course are Indians? Need just an approximate.

[15%-20%, Majority Chinese, Apart from that Indians, Americans, Korean, Germany, Turkey, Pakistan]

  1. Which country people are most in your university?

[ China, American, Indians ] Georgia Tech | Student Feedback

  1. Does the university follow semester or trimester?

[ Semester ] Georgia Tech | Student Feedback

  1. Internship Opportunities

[ 3-4 Career Fairs ] Georgia Tech | Student Feedback

  1. What are the off campus opportunities available?

[Not Sure] Georgia Tech | Student Feedback

  1. In which month does the career fair takes place?

[ September, October (Department to Department varies), January (2), Companies come during GT Hackhaton also tend to hire ]

  1. Name 3 apartments close to university area.

[ AMLI, The Flats, Atlantic Station]

  1. The rent for the apartments in the area you stay.

[ $350 – $450 per person]  Georgia Tech | Student Feedback

  1. What is the approximate living expense excluding rent?

[ $150 – $200 if cooking food in the house, else around $350]

  1. List the name of 3 stores close to university or your home from where you buy grocery, milk and daily food products.

[ Halal Shop – 14th Street, Target, Publix ]

  1. What are the public transport options available in city? Does student have concession on student’s UniversityID for transportation?

[Georgia Tech is in the heart of the city, so everything is very close by, for Indian Grocery shopping, Patel Brothers is 20 minutes drive away and best way to get there is an Uber or Lyft. Public transport in Atlanta is skewed. Atlanta is more of a drivable city, than a walk-able city like other cities on the eat coast]

  1. Is there any Indian store close to university? If yes then please name.

[ Halal Meat Shop – Bangladeshi Store, but you get pretty much everything Indian there]

  1. Name the 3 restaurants available next to university or close by to place where majority of students stay.

[ Moe’s Mexican, Tindrum Asian, Umma Korean and Japanese, Panda Express Chinese, Cafe Spice Indian]

  1. What are the places to hangout on weekends?

[ Cafe Intermezzo, Vortex, Sweet hut, Antico, Rocky Mountain Pizza, Opera Lounge, Buckhead, Edgewood ]

  1. What is the minimum and maximum temperatures that city faced in a last year.

[ Best part about Atlanta is it’s weather, it’s quite above the sea level, and although Summers are sunny, the temperature is very much moderate and can be easily sustainable with just two layers of clothing in the winters]

  1. To describe your city climate for most of the time in one word, what would you say: sunny, winter, rainy, windy?

[ Bangaloresque weather, overcast, rains anytime of the year, semi Seattlish]


GTech MS in ECE Student Experience

I am very glad to appraise Mr. ________________ as a candidate for the masters program at your esteemed institution. I have known him for the last three years during the course of his undergraduate studies at _______ College Of Engineering. Owing to his performance in academics as well as on the extracurricular fronts, I feel he deserves my endorsement.

…. Only Collegepond students have access to the complete LOR Read More

Sample SOP for CS

“Great application man, you just saved me a ton of time”.

“Awesome, did not know there were so many restaurants in our area”.

These are just a few comments I received after creating and distributing a mobile application ‘Globe Trotters’. The application was developed in J2ME for the Symbian OS and served as a guide for various tourist spots and attractions in a selected area. It was an instant hit in my class and helped around 750 people in the student community. I am currently working on the next version of the application, which will encompass additional features such as contextual based search. Working on this application has not only given me tremendous satisfaction and recognition but also ignited a spark in me to explore the field of computer science. In this regard, I wish to pursue my MS in Computer Science (CS) with a specialization in HCI from Georgia Institute of Technology (GaTech).
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To whomsoever, it may concern,

            _______ was recommended to us by one of our former esteemed colleagues, and after that, due to his sheer
perseverance, he was given the internship into Juniper Networks I. P. Limited, a subsidiary of Juniper Networks, Inc. He has worked with us for two months, wherein he gained valuable knowledge of various networking services provided. Read More

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