GRE classes should prepare you to not just take the test, but ace it so you have the greatest chance of getting admission into your dream college. At Collegepond, we want to cultivate your entire profile during the application process, and taking the GRE is the first step.

Here is what our GRE preparation course looks like:

Duration: 1.5 months
Frequency: Twice on weekdays (Parle) and weekends (Matunga)

We start with a lecture on how to prepare, what books to read, what happens on the exam day, when and how to give mock exams, documentation required on exam day, what to carry with you, etc. This is followed with 2 lectures on etymology to build up your vocabulary.

Once we have covered the basics, we begin the syllabus focusing on Verbal, Quants and Essay Writing. We give each section equal importance and teach them in parallel. Following this, a group discussion lecture will be held in Parle for essay writing where students from all our branches get together to discuss and brain storm on essay topics.

Once the syllabus has been completed, we have a class on recently asked exam questions, as well as a class on solutions to the mock exams that you would have solved interim.

During your individual study time (after completion of the syllabus), we encourage you to meet our teachers one-on-one for doubt solving sessions with prior appointment until your exam. To make sure you stay on track, we also sit down with you to help you plan out your study and itinerary.

In order to maximize your learning we ensure that classes are small (10-15 students). Our professor has international experience and have conducted 50+ classes.

To begin your GRE preparation, take a look at our vocab flashcard deck.
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