Working as a Research Associate with Avalon Global Research since the past six months has opened my eyes to the potential opportunities available in design and upgradation of plants. During my tenure, I have completed technical research driven projects for chemical and mining sector conglomerates such as Shell, RioTinto, Dow etc.  These projects dealt with identifying new technologies, techno-commercial analysis, develop criteria for selection of technology and elimination of non-optimal processes, etc. I realized that the potential scope for an engineering consultant tackling these issues is immense. To be an engineering consultant, I require an in-depth knowledge of process control, thermodynamics, transport operations, computer-aided design and reaction kinetics. Hence, I look forward to pursuing a Masters in Chemical Engineering from Cornell University.

The undergraduate curriculum in chemical engineering introduced me to various theoretical concepts and methods, which are widely used in industry through courses such as Process Control, Fluid Mechanics, Transport phenomenon, Plant utilities, and Heat Transfer Operations. The projects and assignments helped me learn processes, designing issues, and problems faced and availability of alternative technologies for a plant from its conception to final turnkey operation; this has enriched my concepts and will act as foundation for my career as a consultant.

I also had the opportunity to visit many known chemical industries, enabling me to gain more practical knowledge. At ‘Hindustan Petroleum Co-operation Ltd. (HPCL)’, I learnt about the refinery process of crude oil and was enlightened about the overall refinery flow plan. At ‘Rashtriya Chemicals and Fertilizers Limited (RCF)’, I visited the manufacturing plants of ammonia and urea. The magnanimity of the prilling tower at the urea plant was one of the most attention grabbing and intriguing part of the training program. These experiences kindled my interest in different Chemical reaction equipments, temperature and energy control systems, and transportation methods used for different operations.

To quench my thirst for industry experience, I pursued an internship at Cyclone Pharmaceuticals and learnt about chemistry of processes for different pharmaceutical products and their raw materials. I was exposed to project optimization, project events scheduling and basics of supply chain economics. Working with a team of intellectuals was a great experience and has furthered my resolve to be a part of research and development in the industry post graduation. Through this experience, I have refined my team-skills as well as gained an understanding of the functioning in the various departments of an organization to make a product successful.

My final year project on the ‘Manufacture of Caustic Soda’ involved designing process flow diagrams along with the sizing of equipments using software Chemcade. I handled costing of equipments and conducting market analysis for the same. Applying the theoretical concepts and researching the deeper aspects of the same helped me hone my analytical and reasoning skills. This tangible achievement motivated me to explore and enhance my understanding about various other technologies and trends that are prevailing in the field.

On the extracurricular front, I have been an active member of my college’s chapter of Indian Institute of Chemical engineers (IICHE). As the Logistics Head of IICHE, I have assisted in organizing seminars and various inter-collegiate technical and cultural festivals, which proved to be a manifestation of my managerial adroitness and my ardor for the same. Now I wish to contribute to Cornell University by being involved with_______ and the cricket  club.

Through my personal, academic and professional experiences, I now have a balanced view of my interests, potential contributions and ‎priorities in the field of Chemical Engineering. I feel that a Master’s program will go a long way in preparing me for a successful career in the industry. I firmly believe that “the best way to learn is to learn from the best” and this constitutes the true motivation behind my present application. I am sure that exposure to cutting edge facilities, interaction with renowned faculty at Cornell  will help me develop my knowledge and versatility and eventually help me to face stiff global competition. It would be a great privilege to work under Prof  ___ in the field of Advanced Process Control and Computer-Aided Design. Rigorous training at Cornel, which tirelessly maintains the hard earned reputation as a breeding ground for engineering talents, will help lead my aspirations to fruition.

I am quite confident that I will match the high standards set by Cornell University. I look forward to be a part of the Fall 2013 student intake.