Collegepond endorses a transparent, bureaucracy-free, vibrant and inclusive work culture that fosters independence, creativity, spontaneity and out-of-the-box thinking in every employee. While valuing inherent potential of each member, Collegepond believes in an open bullpen environment where everyone is easily accessible and given an opportunity to express one’s point of view with freedom and confidence. Collegepond firmly believes in 100 percent employee satisfaction as each employee’s happiness facilitates enhanced performance, which in turn translates into organisation’s success. A place where every employee is important, included, valued and treated with the utmost dignity, Collegepond tries to involve everyone in key decisions which in turn has nurtured a symbiotic culture of collaborative growth. For promoting team bonding and fostering sustaining relationships amongst the employees, Collegepond regularly hosts team lunches and organizes team outings for its employees along with enthusiastically celebrating different festivals.





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