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Good overall performance in academics and standardized tests lay a solid foundation and definitely gives you a competitive edge but cannot work beyond this point. What separates the grain from the chaff is the next step – your essay writing skills. The essays and recommendations section of the college application is perhaps the most important part of the application and can make or break the admission decision.  It provides an opportunity to prospective applicants to showcase and market themselves to the Admission Committee.  Many students find writing college essays a daunting and exhausting task.  They are unable to express themselves, let alone position and present themselves in the most positive light.  Collegepond has extensive experience in helping students develop an articulate marketing document for college applications. The process begins with a student completing a questionnaire, which forms the source document for the essay.  Next, Collegepond works with the student to position the essay by developing a “brief” or “story line”, following which the student writes the essay and emails to the Collegepond team for their edits and review.  This interactive process continues until both, the Collegepond team and the student are satisfied with the essay.

We help students in writing personal statements; scholarship essays, leadership essays and also modify it according to different school’s the requirements. Additionally, students are given access to sample essays of collegepond students who have made it to the top colleges.  College pond’s editing team is spearheaded by Suraj Bajaj, who himself has completed his undergraduate and MBA from Ivy League colleges.