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Study aboard is an expensive affair.  In order to put yourself on a solid footing, it is really important that you start your financial planning well in advance. It requires you to formulate an effective strategy and budget your study abroad taking into consideration factors like living expenses, tuition fees, fluctuating  exchange rate, your lifestyle and incidental expenses pertaining to the host country. Actual costs will also vary with the institution and the program. It is also pertinent to keep yourself abreast with and have sufficient information on the various financial aids, loans, Scholarships, fellowships and grants. With a fair amount of planning, correct information and the right advice, you can significantly cut down on your expenses and cover the gap. This is where Collegepond’s personalized financial advisory services come to your aid.

We conduct free in-house seminars from time to time for our students and parents to help them ease out financial worries and make well informed financial decisions. We not only assist you in understanding the process and go through your documents at every stage but also smoothen the application process by providing you with best tie ups. We have linked up with Credila, a subsidiary of HDFC for overseas educational loans and tied up with various Forex companies and travel agents who extend best discounted deals to our students.