|FREE SAMPLE LOR FOR MS IN ECE at GTECH – This is a professional letter of recommendation  for a student with 68% academics and GRE score 327 got into Masters in ECE in USA.FREE SAMPLE LOR FOR MS IN ECE AT GTECH

To whomsoever it may concern,

            _______ was recommended to us by one of our former esteemed colleagues, and after that due to his sheer
perseverance he was given the internship into Juniper Networks I. P. Limited, a subsidiary of Juniper Networks, Inc. He has worked with us for two months, wherein he gained valuable knowledge of various networking services provided.FREE SAMPLE LOR FOR MS IN ECE AT GTECH

            _______ was given the task of understanding the networking topography of one of our esteemed partners, XYZ Communications Limited.  Based on his understanding, he was required to propose a turnkey managed service solution. As part of his responsbility, he was recommended to study the Managed Services offerings provided by our organization, so as to provide suitable recommendations to seamlessly integrate the services and hardware. He accomplished his duties with utmost dedication and commitment. FREE SAMPLE LOR FOR MS IN ECE AT GTECH

            It has also come to my understanding that _______ was studying for the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) exam, which will enable him to create a strong foundation in networking principles. He has also informed me of his desire to give the Juniper Networks Certified Internet Associate (JNCIA) exam. Knowing him to be very ambitious as well as hardworking individual, I have complete faith in his abilities to successfully complete these certifications and work for many more in the near future. FREE SAMPLE LOR FOR MS IN ECE AT GTECH

            While he worked under my supervision, I found that _______ was not only thoroughly dedicated but also very optimistic and brimming with confidence. He completed his tasks well within the given deadline and was very eager to accept more challenges. While he enjoys working with people, he was also equally adept at working by himself and managed his duties effectively. He accepted criticism constructively from his senior supervisors in the company, so as to know on what skills he must improve upon. Handling his studies and work duties simultaneously, he has certainly improved on his technical knowledge over the period of the engagement. FREE SAMPLE LOR FOR MS IN ECE AT GTECH

            With all the aforesaid qualities I have mentioned about _______, I truly believe that he will prosper through his post graduate studies and thus I strongly recommend him to be admitted in the Masters of Science Program (Electrical and Computers Engineering) in your esteemed university. FREE SAMPLE LOR FOR MS IN ECE AT GTECH

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