|FREE SAMPLE LOR FOR MS IN FE at UC BERKELEY – This is a professional letter of recommendation  for a student with 74% academics and GRE score 321 got into Masters in FE at UC BERKELEY.FREE SAMPLE LOR FOR MS IN FE AT UC BERKELEY

I am writing this letter of recommendation for _______ _______,who has done  a summer internship with us for two months, earlier this year. During this period, I was closely associated with him and have had the opportunity to interact and oversee his abilities and responsibilities. He has come across as a very hardworking, sincere and a determined individual who showed a thirst for knowledge and a well structured and logical approach. FREE SAMPLE LOR FOR MS IN FE AT UC BERKELEY

During his internship, _______ worked on our proprietary product, the Risk Metrics Analyser (RMA). He worked with the team responsible for building, maintaining and upgrading the tool. The RMA is an analytical software tool for hedge funds to monitor fund performance through risk and return metrics. It has independent modules, which can be tailored to specific client needs and operates on the Excel/VB platform. _______ assisted our team of developers in developing and testing new features and functionalities in the VaR (Value-at-Risk) module at both the Fund of Hedge Fund and the underlying hedge fund levels. FREE SAMPLE LOR FOR MS IN FE AT UC BERKELEY

_______ is very mature for his age.He worked with our development team seamlessly as a member of the group.  Despite not having a strong background in finance, _______ displayed a solid aptitude for financial concepts primarily, I feel, due to his logical and curious bent of mind and clear thought process. Inspite of being here only for two months, he came up to speed very quickly, showed excellent grasp and contributed significantly to the upgradation of the tool. He displayed clear concepts to build and innovative ways to test the product. FREE SAMPLE LOR FOR MS IN FE AT UC BERKELEY

One quality that impressed me was his sense of ownership.  He was always willing to accept responsibility and meet deadlines, even if it required him to work till very late in office or on weekends.  He possesses strong interpersonal skills which were clearly evident in the manner he communicated orally and in writing and kept his project team apprised of his progress. FREE SAMPLE LOR FOR MS IN FE AT UC BERKELEY

_______ has discussed with with his plans for a Masters in Financial Engineering.  Seeing his whole hearted dedication to his work, penchant for financeand his analytical,technical and organizational skills,I would strongly recommend him.I am fully confident that _______ has the requisite talent and skills to excel in his graduate studies, at your distinguished university. He will surely live up to the standards and be aninvaluable asset. I wish him luck for all his future academic and professional endeavours. FREE SAMPLE LOR FOR MS IN FE AT UC BERKELEY

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