I would like to provide a reference for Ms. ___________, who has been under my tutelage for two semesters. She was a student in two of my classes – Object-Oriented Programming in the sixth semester and Distributed Systems in the seventh semester. Apart from this, I conducted practical sessions for her batch in Object-Oriented Programming during the sixth semester.

 ___________ has stood in the top 15% of her class in the subject Object Oriented Programming. Given her performance in class, ___________ has shone out as a pertinacious student with a tireless dedication towards her work. Every task that she undertakes is realized with utmost precision. She is a perceptive student who takes her responsibilities seriously. ___________ has an urge to understand the intricacies of her subjects and add to her knowledge of the field. Her ability to see the linkages between theoretical concepts and the practical sessions is another mentionable quality. She has the acumen and analytical ability to discern problems in a broader perspective and does not shy away from expressing her opinions and thoughts.

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