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How important are the test scores?

If you are planning to pursue your MS abroad in the near future, you’ll have to take the GRE and TOEFL exam. How important are these scores? It varies from university to university. Unfortunately, the graduate schools are all over the map on how exactly they use these scores. For some schools, it can be the first hurdle you have to get past in order for them to even look at your application. Example, “If you do not get above 320 then we do not look at your application!” Other schools may use it as a tie-breaker at the end of the admissions to separate you from other similar applicants. Most schools, however, will plug your are scores into a formula that gives different degree of importance to different parts of your application. They might give more importance to the Quant score then your Verbal score or may consider your overall score and not much care about the individual section score, etc. Nonetheless, aiming for the best score should be your goal to get into the top universities.

Collegepond GRE-TOEFL batches will help you do just that. We identify each students strengths and weakness and accordingly develop a plan of action for each student. Our batch features are as follows

Experienced Faculty

Seasoned professionals with several years of teaching experience to provide you with the correct guidance. Some of our professors have taught GRE in USA.

Comprehensive Practice Material

The practice material is developed by experienced professionals and reflect and new changes in the paper pattern.

Mock Paper

In addition to sample questions, strategies and tips, students will also be provided 8 Collegepond full-length online GRE Mock Papers along with a few others to get the feel of the actual GRE Paper.

Mandatory AWA Preparation

Students fail to realise the importance of the AWA scores in their applications. Michigan Ann Arbor, Rutgers and more have minimum AWA requirements which the students have to meet.

Smaller batch sizes

In a bid to provide more personal attention our GRE batches are of maximum 20 students. This enables the professors to focus on each students performance and give appropriate suggestions.

Free TOEFL Preparation

Every GRE student can avail free TOEFL preparation wherein they attend classes, solve practice material and mock papers along with getting their doubts cleared. 80% of our students get above 100 in their TOEFL Exam.

Unlimited Doubt clearing Sessions

Our aim is to help you achieve your desired scores and in order to do so we provide unlimited one-on-one doubt clearing sessions to solve your queries and thereby understand your weak areas.

Repeat Lectures

The entire programme is very flexible, giving students the provision to attend the missed lectures or even re-attend the same lectures if the concepts are unclear.

Complimentary Counselling Session

Every GRE student can avail a complimentary counselling session with one of our experienced counsellors to determine the four university names, which are to be provided on the exam day for GRE and before the exam for TOEFL.

Number of Hours of Preparation
Years of Faculty Experience
Online Mock Papers
Weeks of Free TOEFL Prep

Final GRE Scores of our Students

90% of our students got their desired results in their TOEFL and GRE Test with an average improvement of 15.45 points in GRE Test and 21 points in TOEFL. 85% of our student got above 160 in the Quants Section and 98% got above 150 in the verbal section of GRE Test. The pie chart below gives the percentage of our students and their final GRE Test Scores.

  • Students with GRE score above 320
  • Students securing GRE score above 310
  • Students securing GRE score above 300
  • Others

What our students say about us

What I really liked about the GRE and TOEFL coaching at Collegepond is the casual yet effective style of teaching employed by the instructors. All of them were very approachable for clearing out my doubts and to help me understand many concepts better.


Collegepond is ‘The Destination’ for guaranteed success in the GRE. The interactive classroom sessions and complete personal attention by the faculty members during and even after the lecture hours underline the fact that they leave no stone unturned for your GRE prep.

JANAV UDANI: 323/340

My experience with Collegepond was great. I was provided with all the necessary and important resources for the entire preparation. Their mock tests helped me prepare better. The AWA session were conducted so well which helped me improve a lot on my writing skills.


Collegepond was very much instrumental in helping me achieve a good score in GRE. The teaching faculty helped us understand all the concepts very well. They would make sure that we have understood the lecture properly and even gave flexibility to attend classes as per our convenience.