What our students say about us

No one can tell you more about Collegepond’s GRE and TOEFL classes than the people who matter most to us— our students. So we take pride in letting them speak for us. Read what they have to say, in their own words, and you’ll see why we’re so confident that you, like them, will be happy to enroll with us to get your desired scores. GRE TOEFL TESTIMONIALS

Mihir Joshi

GRE - 340

Mr. Jimeet Sanghavi and the entire Collegepond team has played a vital role in my success to achieve 340/340 in the GRE. I was impressed by their vast experience and immense enthusiasm throughout my preparation. The GRE lectures were informative and interactive which made studies a lot more fun. The teachers were always available for solving my doubts.

    Utsav Jambusaria

    GRE - 333 , TOEFL - 116

    What I really liked about the GRE and TOEFL coaching at Collegepond is the casual yet effective style of teaching employed by the instructors. All of them were very approachable for clearing out my doubts and to help me understand many concepts better.

      Janav Udani

      GRE - 323 , TOEFL - 116

      Collegepond is 'The Destination' for guaranteed success in the GRE. The interactive classroom sessions and complete personal attention by the faculty members during and even after the lecture hours underline the fact that they leave no stone unturned for your GRE prep.

        Jamshed Shapoorjee

        GRE - 323

        My experience with Collegepond was great. I was provided with all the necessary and important resources for the entire preparation. Their mock tests helped me prepare better. The AWA session were conducted so well which helped me improve a lot on my writing skills.

          aniket diwadkar - 310

          Aniket Diwadkar

          GRE - 310

          Collegepond made the entire process of giving the exams easier. The AWA session helped me write excellent essays which also helped me in the TOEFL writing session. Special mention to the quant sir for his seamless integration of football into some of the questions! It made the tricky concepts easier for us to grasp.

            Mansee Jadhav

            GRE- 315

            Thank you team Collegepond for an awesome preparation guidance that helped me get my desired scores. The efforts that they gave to grade my essays and suggestions to improve my scores helped a lot on the exam day. I look forward to attend their TOEFL classes and join the counselling services.

              Nikita Shenai

              GRE - 319

              They gave us the flexibility to choose the class timings as per our convenient and also to attend the same lecture multiple times until we understand the concept perfectly and are satisfied. If we had any doubts, we could easy approach them and get them cleared soon. Collegepond has helped me reach beyond my potential.

                Neena Wagle

                GRE - 317

                The resources they provided like practice materials and mock tests, helped me immensely during the preparation. Their experience helped in evaluation of our essays and the tips given by them helped us improve. Thanks a lot Jimeet sir and team for helping throughout the journey and being approachable whenever needed.

                  Kush Goliya

                  GRE - 330

                  Jimeet Sir was very approachable and was always ready to help me understand a concept better. All in all a big thank you to the Collegepond team for helping me crack the GRE with flying colours.

                    Archit Jain

                    GRE - 325

                    It was certainly a pleasure to learn from Collegepond. All students who wish to ace the GRE and TOEFL, must enroll with Collegepond for the excellent aid with preparation and guidance.

                      Dhwanil Mehta

                      GRE - 327

                      Simple yet analytical approaches for problem-solving, explained by the faculty, was greatly helpful for solving difficult questions. The innovative teaching adopted by the faculty make the test much easier.

                        Harihar Samant

                        GRE - 316

                        Small batches ensured personal attention and all my doubts were resolved with the one-on-one sessions. All the lectures were held regularly and alternate timings were provided if we missed out on any lectures.

                          Nilakshi Garg

                          GRE - 316

                          I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Jimeet Sir who has been a wonderful mentor to me right from the first day. Also, I am thankful to the rest of the faculty and staff at Collegepond, who were willing to help at any point of time. Preparing for the GRE with Collegepond was a totally brilliant experience, the atmosphere contributes to apposite learning.

                            Niyati Gandhi

                            GRE - 306

                            The way of teaching is excellent due to levity in the classroom. The guidance provided by Collegepond is immaculate and laudable. The mentoring provided by Jimeet Sir at the eleventh hour was totally revitalizing. The study material provided by Collegepond is methodical and comprehensive which helps in building up a correct manner of analyzing the problems in hand.

                              Rishi Mody

                              GRE - 336

                              When I heard about collegepond, I was a skeptic thinking they were like all those other pesky tuition classes who were in it just for the money, who kept calling and pestering me. However I'm gonna tell you they were different,don't take my word for it, visit them. I took the GRE classes in both V&Q, and the amount of patience Jimeet sir showed me I doubt any other would have.

                                Surbhi Motghare

                                GRE - 322

                                Not only was Jimeet Sir willing to explain GRE stuff, there was a ALOT of extras which was differently explained, CP level was a notch above other classes which made cracking the GRE easier. Besides they also look after their students,with pointers and support for both AWA and TOEFL. CP classes has greatly helped me achieve my goals.

                                  Tejash Desai

                                  GRE - 325

                                  CollegePond has been extremely helpful during my preparation for the GRE exam. The material provided not only provides a variety of problems to solve from, but also helps in understanding the fundamentals of that section. The professors at college pond have been extremely helpful and provide methods that help solving a problem not only correctly but also quickly.

                                    Omkar Nalawade

                                    GRE - 320 , TOEFL - 103

                                    Collegepond was very much instrumental in helping me achieve a good score in GRE. The teaching faculty helped us understand all the concepts very well. They would make sure that we have understood the lecture properly and even gave flexibility to attend classes as per our convenience.

                                      Ahan Kak

                                      GRE - 331

                                      Collegepond has shown me the right direction not only in my preparation for taking the GRE but also in the application process. The GRE lectures were informative and interactive which made studies a lot more fun. For the application process, the seminars held were really helpful! The counsellors were always available for guidance.

                                        Aniket Sakhardande

                                        GRE - 324

                                        I am glad I took the decision of joining CollegePond. I scored a 324 in GRE which led me to acquire my dream university. The quants and verbal lectures at CollegePond will help you grasp the basic concepts very well. They also provided a lot of free mock tests and materials that helped me practice well for GRE. All in all my experience with CollegePond was extremely satisfying.

                                          GRE TOEFL TESTIMONIALS GRE TOEFL TESTIMONIALS
                                          GRE TOEFL TESTIMONIALS GRE TOEFL TESTIMONIALS