Higher Education in the United States

|Higher Education in the United States| Higher Education in the United States

The US education system is radically different from that of many countries including India. For example, graduate education in India is usually a three-year term, while in the US; it is a four-year term and is known as undergraduate study. These differences in the system might cause some confusion in the minds of international students. It is therefore important for students to acquaint themselves with the US system so that they know when exactly to apply.

If one were applying to a medicine, law, business or an engineering program in the US, there are two major options. The first option is going for a four-year undergraduate program or opting for a two-year graduate program. The first option is quite expensive as it involves four complete years of tuition and boarding expenditure.

Most international students to the US usually pursue a two-year graduate program as it involves less cost for international students. Undergraduate programs in engineering and business is relatively easier to get into as compared to programs in law and medicine. International students with undergraduate degree in engineering or business can either pursue a graduate program or a career after completion of their courses.