How to apply for Masters: Early Admission

Early admission is one fascinating prospect that lures students to save themselves from the tedium and deadlines of regular admission process and secure a seat in the School of their choice well in advance. The benefits and commitments involved in early admission vary from college to college, and it is advisable to understand the conditions applied for making sensible decisions. Early Action and early decision both are part of the early admissions program and guarantee you will get an early response from the college you have applied to. How to apply for Masters: Early Admission 

While your chances of getting admission are a considerably higher, there are a few fundamental differences between early decision and early action which one must clearly understand before applying for one.

Irrevocability factor: Early decision categorically means you are swearing your commitment to the college you are applying to, and there is no question of withdrawing your application under any circumstances. Early action, on the other hand, is not binding and saves you from unnecessary commitments. In either case you are allowed to apply under regular application process but however, early decision application obligates you to withdraw applications once selected by the school. How to apply for Masters: Early Admission 

Flexibility: Students applying for early decision will have to make a choice for one particular school to apply to whereas students applying for early action can apply to multiple schools simultaneously. How to apply for Masters: Early Admission

Acceptance Deadline: There is a deadline attached to accept admission for early action application which is generally 1st May.  Early decision students are bound by early decision agreement and have no time to decide as admission is automatically accepted. How to apply for Masters: Early Admission

Conviction for the School applied for: Early decision option is meant for students who are absolutely sure of the school they intend to attend as their top priority and are well-acquainted with financial aid policies of the school.  It may sound like tempting the fate but if you are absolutely convinced of the program and university, you can afford to run the risk. Please remember letting go of all the probable options and pining all your hopes on one school is only worth it when the returns it promises matches with the stakes involved. If you have not researched enough and still unsure of your commitment, please apply only under early action option. How to apply for Masters: Early Admission

A consistency high performer student who is crystal clear about his decision to select a particular university and is fairly confident of his admission must only opt for early decision; and others must be careful not to play the ponies and relinquish all chances of better prospects. How to apply for Masters: Early Admission