“Hello Sir,
How are you? I wanted to tell you, that I finally managed to get a summer internship offer at Goldman Sachs, here in New York itself. Thank you very much for all your help in circulating my Resume, setting up the interview and conducting mock interviews as well. I am looking forward to my internship and will keep you posted! Thanks again.

Our relationship does not terminate with the student once he/she steps into their dream University. We strengthen it from thereon by helping them in building networks, conecting them with seniors and even assisting in writing essays for scholarships (RAs, TAs, Gas). Also, we promote the student in leading companies by circulating their resume amongst recruiters and working with ex-students abroad besides conducting mock interviews for the same via phone and skype.

Through efficacious networking, Collegepond has helped existing students get jobs with Fortune 500 companies in the US, like Google, Goldman Sachs, Cisco, Facebook and the likes. We pride ourselves in building careers by strategizing with the student and helping them through the optimal path not only till they get an admit, but all the way till landing a job