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Masters in USA International Student

Why choose USA as a study destination?

Students in the US begin their University education after the completion of there twelfth grade (aka high school). The standard followed in the US is four years of undergraduate education, followed by two years of graduate degree course. Masters in USA International Student

In addition to the Bachelors degree, an Associate degree of two years duration is also offered, which leads to certain specific career after graduation. The Associates degree is mostly offered by junior colleges or community colleges. Most of the larger universities also offer a small number of associate degree programs. Masters in USA International Student

The curriculum structure of the undergraduate study program is perhaps the finest aspect of American education. The undergraduate program is highly flexible in nature as it offers students the freedom to choose the subjects they want to study from hundreds of course offerings. Students are at the liberty to browse hundreds of courses in the course catalogue {available both online and as a hardback} and make their own decisions. This absence of rigid system, enables students to practically invent there own unique program of study. Masters in USA International Student

In a four year undergraduate coursework, students can spend the first two years, the freshman and the sophomore year, to explore various disciplines before homing in to make their decisions on what they are good at and as to what they would like to do. This enables them to select the courses they want to specialize in, in the third and the fourth years of study, termed the junior and the senior year. The courses selected for specialization are known with different terms such as academic major, major concentration, concentration, or simply major.

The academic department offers various academic programs at the undergraduate, graduate and doctoral levels. The programs offered can be strictly disciplinary, interdisciplinary, or inter-departmental. The academic department sets the required criterion for receiving the Bachelor or the Masters degree for a student enrolled in a specific program. These benchmarks include the selection of certain number of required courses, with certain number of freely chosen courses called electives that are relevant to the major. In addition to this, a key benchmark is the credits a student acquires during the course of his studies. Masters in USA International Student

An important aspect of American education is the system called the “core courses”. Every university offers “core courses”, which are mandatory for students, whatever their interests or specializations might be. The academic program offered by every academic department has a list of courses that are termed the “core courses”. These core courses represent a particular philosophy of American education. The philosophy of the “Core” states that every student must be as broadly educated as possible, apart from being a specialist in his area of studies. Masters in USA International Student

The “core courses” are a helpful guideline to students to be as broadly educated as possible in diverse areas such as Foreign Cultures, Historical Study, Literature and Arts, Moral Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, Science, and Social Analysis.

Some universities might offer something like “General Education”, which is a group of courses from diverse streams like arts and the sciences. General Education aims at providing students with a well balanced and rich education.

The intake of undergraduate and graduate students each year varies from university to university in the US. Large private universities such as Princeton, New York University and Yale take 10,000 to 15,000 new students every year.  Universities have very vast and extensive campuses spread out over a sizable area. The sheer physical size of campuses can accommodate a vast number of students with ease. Masters in USA International Student

The undergraduate course is generally a four-year course.  The four years are commonly referred to as freshman year, sophomore year, junior year and senior year.  The graduate coursework generally spans one to two years and students are commonly referred as 1st year grad student and 2nd year grad students.

The universities follow either a semester-based education system or a quarter-based education system. In the semester system, there are three terms, namely fall term {Late August/Early September – Mid December}, spring term {Early/Mid January – Early/Mid May} and summer term {Late May – Mid August); and in the quarterly system, there are four terms, namely fall term {Late September – Mid December}, winter term {Mid/Late January – Mid April}, spring term {Mid April – Early/Mid June} and summer term {Late June – End August}.

Generally speaking, majority of incoming students enroll during the fall term either in the quarter or the semester system.  The next common term for new students is the spring semester under the semester-based system and the winter quarter term under the quarter-based system. Masters in USA International Student

There is also no age limits for a candidate planning to pursue higher studies in the US.  The criteria of admission into various streams and programs vary but can be classified in four broad categories: scores on standardized tests (i.e., GRE, SAT, SAT II, TOEFL) prior academic performance, essays and recommendations.  The admission procedure is divided into steps.  Most of the work such as details regarding a student’s background, education history, and profile is completed online. Supplement documentation such as transcripts are couriered to the university. All the procedures are kept extremely student friendly. Masters in USA International Student