MIS Program at Syracuse | Student Experience

Syracuse is often looked over when considering MIS programs, however, a Collegepond student recently visited the campus and discovered that it has a lot to offer. MIS Program at Syracuse Student Experience

Syracuse has a great campus, and is quite close to New York City. The MIS program at the Syracuse iSchool facilitates quite a bit of research – maybe not as much as CMU or Gtech, but the professors seem to make an extra effort and while the university is huge (20,400 students), the iSchool is relatively small and student-teacher  interaction is very high. MIS Program at Syracuse Student Experience

If you are looking at college rankings, it’s important to look for the specific school and program rankings and not the university’s overall rankings. Criteria for university level rankings are various and  sometimes undisclosed, but usually include alumni donation rates, placement rates, facilities and faculty, etc. Looking at program rankings are particularly important whilst looking at Masters or PhD programs, because that’s what would identify how good that specific program is. To this end, Syracuse’s information school is ranked number one in the country, and the university as a whole is a Top 50 school. MIS Program at Syracuse Student Experience

To offer students a broader education, and encourage them to pursue interested linked to their primary field of study, Syracuse allows students to take 20% of the courses outside of the courses a give available in the program. Which means, if you feel like you prefer to lean toward the more technical aspect, you can take courses from the Computer Science department without additional admission requirements. Similarly, you could take more management focused courses at their B-School if you preferred to lean towards management. Additionally, students can take advantage of opportunities to travel to Europe and Asia to meet companies, shadow executives and study how international businesses work as part of their academic program. MIS Program at Syracuse Student Experience

While assistant-ships and scholarships are limited, nearly everyone can find an on campus job to cover their living costs, but it may not be a job you may like or in your field of study.

Job placement rates and companies that recruit from a university is another key criteria to look at when considering schools. The placement rate for Syracuse’s MIS program was 95% in the last two years, and for Network Management was 81% (within the first three months of people looking for a job). MIS Program at Syracuse Student Experience

Companies that recruit from Syracuse:
JP Morgan
Ernst & Young

Job Profiles Offered:                           MIS Program at Syracuse Student Experience
Project Manager
Business Analyst
Risk Analyst
Information Architect