Receive Green Card After Post Graduation

There is a new immigration proposal on the US Senate floor which will have profound benefits to foreign students pursuing M.S. or Phd educationin a technical field, i.e., science, technology, mathematics and engineering. The proposal essentially will allow students graduating from such fields to apply for a green card immediately rather than pursue the H-1 visa track and then obtain a work sponsor for a green card. Hence, foreign students will be permitted to enter the United States with immigrant intent if they are a bona fide student so long as they pursue a higher education in a field of science, technology,engineering or mathematics.

“This proposal will reform America’s high-skilled immigration system to permanently attract the world’s best and brightest while preventing the loss of American jobs to temporary foreign labor contractors,” said the proposal drawn by Senators Charles E Schumer, Harry Reid and Bob Menendez.

The proposal in its initial phase and we will have to wait and watch the developments on the same.

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