Salient Facts regarding USA Visa

This article deals with the visa application process to be conducted by students before departure to the US.These facts were already covered in the student’s pre-departure seminar at Otters Club, Bandra.

The first step is to obtain a Visa Fee Receipt from HDFC Bank. Studentswould need to pay an application fee of $131 {Rs. 5502} payable in cash or byDD/HDFC bank cheque in favor of – “US Embassy – Visa Fees”. DD’s issued byco-operative banks are not accepted.

In addition, students would need to pay a service charge of Rs. 322/- which includes VFS service charge of Rs.310 and bank service charge of Rs. 12.

This fee is payable in cash or byDD/HDFC bank cheque favoring “HDFC Bank a/c VFS”. DD’s issued by cooperative banksare not accepted.

At the time of submission,students would require to produce a copy of the first and last page of theirpassport. The barcode number on the fee receipt would get activated in 2business days from the date of payment.

The website address of HDFCbranch locations is –


We now come to Step Two.

Students would require an I-20 toschedule a date for visa interview. Students should follow the onlineinstructions to complete the form and print the interview appointment letter.

Step Three.

Students would need to submit alist of items at least 3 working days before the interview.

–        Copy of the valid passport. It is recommended to havethe passport valid for about six months beyond the interview date.

–        Copy of the Form I – 20

–        One photograph as per specification

–        Original signed form DS-156

–        Original form DS-157

–        Original form DS-158

–        Valid HDFC bank visa fee receipt

–        Service fee receipt

Step Four

There is a list of items thatstudents should carry with them at the interview.

–     Interview Appointment letter

–        Original Passport

–        Original I – 20 and Servis fee Receipt

–        Information supporting the Liquid asset statement

Other Documents

–        Marksheets {Undergraduate, Diploma and HSC}.

–        Bank Statements / Passbook for at least 12 months

–        Fixed Deposit Receipt

–        Depository statements for the last four quarters

–        Bond Certificates

–        PF/PPF pass books

–        LIC premium surrender value statement

–        Income Tax returns

–        Liquid Asset Statement

–        Society bills