|This is a professional letter of recommendation for a student aspiring to pursue MBA in USA.| SAMPLE LOR FOR MBA in USA

It gives me pleasure to recommend Mr. _____ who plans to pursue an MBA. As the Manager (Software), I am responsible for telecom software at Freescale – a world leader of PowerPC processors, with revenues in excess of 5 billion dollars. Overall I know him for about 8 years (2003 – 2011). He has been working for Freescale and reporting to me since December 2009. ______ is responsible to lead the solution for integrating acceleration architecture over Freescale’s new software platform (USDPAA) for the project – LTE-L2. SAMPLE LOR FOR MBA in USA

In this project, the team has to rely on inputs from the multicore teams at US and India. It was a challenge to deal with those teams due to multiple reasons such as communication gap, time zones etc. However, _____ gained support of those teams through personal credibility, negotiation, and suaveness as he made connections across the organization. By engaging the employees, he leads from the front, which is a huge reflection of his leadership potential. SAMPLE LOR FOR MBA in USA

In the same project, he has also shown tremendous maturity in dealing with issues. I remember – there were complex enablement issues for the team at India, as the team was facing issues while understanding several hardware/software modules, namely Queuing and Buffering Frameworks. He took the initiative to learn, and subsequently train the team members. At the same time, he invested energy in ensuring that the deliverables were robust. SAMPLE LOR FOR MBA in USA

Due to his systematic approach, I often look forward to him while evaluating technologies. ______ has rolled out multiple tools (ex. simulators) for the team. He has independently been able to understand and roll out tools & technologies as he can anticipate problems and then take actions to resolve them. In my opinion the dual capability to see the issues and then to solve the issues is truly remarkable. While we were starting a project, there were multiple issues with respect to the operating environment and lab infrastructure. He did not get fazed by any of the problems and sorted out all the issues with the IT department by proper statistics and benchmarking. I would also like to mention one of his improvement areas – He needs to improve the ability to successfully delegate & divide the work. SAMPLE LOR FOR MBA in USA

In spite of his busy work schedule, he took an opportunity to organize the monthly event at Freescale, an event that provides a welcome relief to the entire Freescale community.  On a personal front, he is quite open to criticism and recovers quickly in the face of rejection and failure. He is also a man of strong ethical values, which he applies in his day-to-day office life and personal life. I am positive that he will continue to show such behavior at business also. SAMPLE LOR FOR MBA in USA

A few weeks back, he revealed his intentions to pursue a management course. Though I will miss him, but I wish him good luck and I recommend his candidature strongly. SAMPLE LOR FOR MBA in USA

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