|This is a professional letter of recommendation for a student aspiring to pursue MBA in USA.| 


I am glad to recommend _______ for the MBA program at your institution. I have known him as a friend, co-worker, leader and social-worker. We both worked together at NeoMagic (2004 – 2007) and then at Freescale (2009 – 2011). Currently, at Freescale, he leads a team and I am now an entrepreneur, and have started Chleon. SAMPLE LOR FOR MBA

Though we both used to vie for the same positions at work, he ensured that our relationship was more collegial and collaborative rather than competitive. As a part of our work, there were times when we had to discuss performance evaluation of our team and colleagues. I must say that he was very objective and fair in his assessment. His criticism is always healthy and his feedback is often “What to improve” and “How to improve”. For his sub-ordinates, he also shows them a path to move up the corporate ladder. Therefore, he is very popular within the team and thrives on its complete support. SAMPLE LOR FOR MBA

I know his communication skills are excellent, and at the same time, he is a great listener also. Even, I have looked to him for discussing a lot of my personal and professional issues. He often comes up with an objective advice, and does not mix emotions with decisions. As a part of our project, we had to outsource a fraction of work to some companies in India. He evaluated multiple vendors, and his evaluations were trusted in the entire organization, including the American and European offices. SAMPLE LOR FOR MBA

At work, we used to interact with each other during integration phases of our project. He was our single point of contact for the entire execution of the program and I was amazed at the efficiency and clarity at which he guided the team towards the right direction. He is very diligent, and his ability to own, deliver and be responsible is noteworthy. I know that he can work successfully towards a deadline and he knows how to get work done from people. His people management and team building skills are mentionable. I do remember how he first recruited and then trained a team of 10 – 15 people. All the members feel indebted to him and hold a very high opinion about him. SAMPLE LOR FOR MBA

A few months back, he wanted to do a movement against anti-corruption, and he united at least hundred folks from our company. When he started off, there was little support. I remember that he increased the awareness for his idea through our corporate news-letters. As people became cognizant, he started mobilizing them, and finally united them for a common cause. Given our work deadlines and priorities, it is quite creditable. His mobilization has had a great impact, as some members of the organization are now devoted to the same cause. SAMPLE LOR FOR MBA

A weakness that I would mention is that he needs to establish a proper work-life balance. Sometimes he gets carried away by work, and therefore, puts all other tasks on low priority. I have shared this feedback with him. It gives me a great feeling to see this weakness getting addressed as he has now regulated his work timings while involving himself in sports such as Tennis and Swimming. SAMPLE LOR FOR MBA

I wish I had more words to say but I will only say that he is bright, a true leader, and an inspiring human-being. I wish him all the good luck. With the knowledge and spirit that he has demonstrated, I feel that _______ deserves an MBA, and therefore I am all out to recommend him for your program. SAMPLE LOR FOR MBA

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