|This is a professional letter of recommendation  for a student who got into DUKE UNIVERSITY for MEM.|SAMPLE LOR FOR MEM FROM DUKE

To Whom It May Concern

I am writing to you with regard to Ms. ___________, who has requested a letter of recommendation about
her internship experience at our company. She and I discussed her decision to pursue graduate studies at Duke University and I applaud her decision and strong desire to take her dedication and skill to the next level.  She worked with us as an intern for four months (Summer 2011).   As a marketing head, I have observed her work  and am confident that she is a deserving candidate for your business program. She proved herself to be a hardworking and enthusiastic individual. Overall, she was always passionate when learning new skills and knowledge, and became a quick learner. She would talk with and acquire insights from various teams and asked interesting and in-depth questions about the industry. She approached every task with great enthusiasm and effort.SAMPLE LOR FOR MEM FROM DUKE

She joined the organization as an intern. She was a part of the team responsible for marketing of over-the-counter pain killer gel and spray, Pain-O-Joint gel and spray. She was involved in the preliminary market study and assisted in the primary and secondary research. Being enthusiastic, creative, she became an important member of the team quickly. Her suggestion to advertise in the woman’s compartment of the local trains in Mumbai was accepted by the team and implemented successfully. This gave the product a good market visibility and we were able to penetrate the Mumbai market, which was traditionally very difficult for us.SAMPLE LOR FOR MEM FROM DUKE

She was also involved in Product Development. She would spend hours deliberating with the team, deciding on the new SKU to be launched. Our team launched the 10 Grams variant of Pain-O-Joint gel targeted at the masses, priced at only Rs. 20/- per 10 Grams. I give her a lot of credit for this, as her inputs were thoroughly utilised for this product.SAMPLE LOR FOR MEM FROM DUKE

For her sales training, she accompanied our medical representatives to various pharmacies and health care facilities during the launch phase of the new SKU. The medical rep commented on her being focused on completion of the task. Being bold, knowledgeable and polite, she got a lot accomplished in four months.  The conviction and self-confidence with which she speaks compels people to listen to her.SAMPLE LOR FOR MEM FROM DUKE

I am highly impressed with this outstanding young woman and this internship has been an excellent work experience for her. She has gained good knowledge and experience of the pharmaceuticals industry and has learned to look at it both from the client’s and supplier’s point of view.  She is a dynamic young woman and her ability to take decisions independently and the entrepreneurship qualities that she exhibited make her an ideal candidate for the Masters in Management program. She has the right skill sets, which can be honed by the Masters program in your university to ensure a great career in top level management. In fact, we will be first to offer her a job right after she completes her education at Duke University to help us grow the business to the next levelSAMPLE LOR FOR MEM FROM DUKE

To summarize, I wholeheartedly recommend her to your university and hope that you will carefully consider her admission for the fall 2013 program. Her enthusiasm, intelligence, speed and a positive attitude will greatly benefit the overall experience of the whole class.SAMPLE LOR FOR MEM FROM DUKE

Mr. _____________
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