|This is a letter of recommendation by a professor for a student who got into  CORNELL UNIVERSITY for MS in Chemical Engineering.|SAMPLE LOR FOR MS IN CHEMICAL ENGINEERING CORNELL UNIVERSITY 

I have been associated with ____________ for the past two years during which I have taught him various courses like Mass Transfer II (Semester- VI), Reaction Kinetics (Semester- VII) and Chemical Reaction Engineering (Semester VIII). I take the privilege to make an insightful evaluation of him and based on my observations, I recommend him to your prestigious University.SAMPLE LOR FOR MS IN CHEMICAL ENGG CORNELL UNIVERSITY

He is an intelligent and an enthusiastic student who is always eager to learn new concepts. He is bestowed with excellent analytical and imaginative skills that he has demonstrated ever so often during classroom sessions and group projects.  His comprehension of the concepts is reflected in my academic performance.  He has scored very well in the subjects that I taught him; he has been in the top notch of our department. Also I have observed him solving doubts of his classmates and juniors in library many a times. This shows his in depth knowledge of the subject and ability to share it and motivate others.SAMPLE LOR FOR MS IN CHEMICAL ENGG CORNELL UNIVERSITY

During one of our practical class sessions in the laboratory, I vividly remember him making a minute change in the procedure of the ongoing experiment and the desired mixture formed was the optimum outcome expected. That’s when I realized that he has this unique ability to view a problem from different perspectives and come up with out of the box solutions. His coherent understanding of the fundamentals and his judicious use of logic in any analysis is commendable.SAMPLE LOR FOR MS IN CHEMICAL ENGG CORNELL UNIVERSITY

He has also participated enthusiastically in co-curricular and extra–curricular activities. He is one of the very few students who have represented our department in the technical committee of our college. He has served as the Logistic Head of our student chapter IICHE (Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers). These offices of responsibility successfully held by him are reflective of his technical knowledge in the field of chemical engineering, managerial dexterity and his matured leadership qualities. Our faculty trusts him completely when it comes to organizing any cultural or technical event in our department.SAMPLE LOR FOR MS IN CHEMICAL ENGG CORNELL UNIVERSITY

My observations suggest that he is a firm believer of teamwork and he has often proved the same by producing unparallel and outstanding results in all his academic endeavors as well as co-curricular activities. From my personal experiences with him in classroom and IICHE, I can say that his technical concepts are quite extraordinary and also he has very effective communication skills and organizational abilities.SAMPLE LOR FOR MS IN CHEMICAL ENGG CORNELL UNIVERSITY

A masters course in your university will help him not only to enhance his skill-set but also to achieve his career aspirations. I strongly recommend him to your esteemed institute for the same and wish him all the best for his future endeavors.SAMPLE LOR FOR MS IN CHEMICAL ENGG CORNELL UNIVERSITY




Department of Chemical Engineering.