|This is a letter of recommendation by a professor for a student who got into GTECH for MS in Civil Engineering.|SAMPLE LOR FOR MS IN CIVIL ENGG FROM GTECH

I am very glad to appraise Mr. ________________ as a candidate for the masters program at your esteemed institution. I have known him for the last three years during the course of his undergraduate studies at _______ College Of Engineering. Owing to his performance in academics as well as on the extracurricular fronts, I feel he deserves my endorsement.SAMPLE LOR FOR MS IN CIVIL ENGG FROM GTECH

I have taught him Stuctural Analysis-1 and Advanced Structural Analysis and I will also be teaching him Earthquake Engineering in Semester 8. His academic performance has been very commendable and is among the top 10% in his class. The course of Advanced Structural Analysis required an extensive and in-depth study of various advanced methods of analyzing structures. While most students found this subject difficult, he grasped the concepts with tremendous ease. He had a structured and logical approach to the problems on analyzing different types of structures.SAMPLE LOR FOR MS IN CIVIL ENGG FROM GTECH

He stands out in terms of hard work and sincerity. He has been very focused and regular with his course work. He continuously strives to update his knowledge and ensures that his concepts of the subject are clear. He actively participates in classroom discussions; his points display his avid hunger to learn the subject in detail. His unassuming dedication and commitment is evident from his meticulous and timely submission of assignments and lab work. I have even found him working in the library beyond college hours. In summary, I have observed that he is intelligent, focused, honest and hardworking in his studies.SAMPLE LOR FOR MS IN CIVIL ENGG FROM GTECH

He is liked by his peers and the faculty; his calm and friendly disposition is endearing to most people. He is very passionate about exploring new opportunities. He has clear and logical thinking, which help him perform well under stress.SAMPLE LOR FOR MS IN CIVIL ENGG FROM GTECH

He has also been involved in various extra-curricular and co-curricular activities. He has presented a paper on “Influence Of Mineral Admixtures In Concrete Properties” in a Technical Paper Presentation organized by the Civil Engineering Association and won 1st prize in that competition. Perusing through his papers, it becomes obvious his level of understanding and his clarity of thought. In addition, he has actively participated in myriad cultural and social events and has been at the forefront of organizing several college festivals. He has been the marketing head in the cultural festival of the college and has volunteered for the college magazine, ______. His excellent leadership and managerial skills helped make the events a great success.SAMPLE LOR FOR MS IN CIVIL ENGG FROM GTECH

He has the requisite skills and commitment to excel in graduate school. I therefore recommend him strongly for admission in your university. I am certain that his inclination towards hard work and a strong foundation of fundamental concepts will make him an asset to your institution.SAMPLE LOR FOR MS IN CIVIL ENGG FROM GTECH

Mr. _____________
Senior Professor
College Name