|This is a letter of recommendation by a professor for a student who got into  COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY for MS in Energy Systems.| SAMPLE LOR FOR MS IN ENERGY SYSTEMS COLUMBIA UNIVERSITAMPLE LOR FOR MS IN ENERGY SYSTEMS COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY

I have been interacting with _________ as the Principal of ______________ College of Engineering. My main interactions with him were in the past year (academic year 2011-2012) as he was the Cultural Secretary of the Student Council.Appointed the cultural secretary by the faculty, he has handled the cultural sectors of college to his best abilities and to our full satisfaction. Out of the several events organized, his main responsibility was to organize SPACE (___________ Annual Cultural Extravaganza), our 3 day annual cultural festival, which he did fulfill brilliantly. Being the main organizing head of the festival, he demonstrated that he is well organized, can handle finances well, has good planning and communication skills and is a good team leader. SAMPLE LOR FOR MS IN ENERGY SYSTEMS COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY

Being an active participant in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities has never had an effect on his grades. He is a bright student with a good academic record, securing 1st grade in all his six semesters. I am sure he will do well in his remaining semesters as well and even continue his good work in whichever institution he is part of in the future. It is commendable that even after giving so much time to his work as the Cultural Secretary his academic record has not fallen in his 5th and 6th semesters, maintaining a 1st class grade. He has maintained the consistency that is expected from all good students. SAMPLE LOR FOR MS IN ENERGY SYSTEMS COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY

He has told me that he plans to pursue an MS in Mechanical Engineering with a concentration in Energy Systems, to try and contribute to the energy sector of India and the world. The subjects studied by him in the Mechanical Engineering course at our college will provide him with a strong background. His attitude and demeanor will ensure that he is an active part of your student body as well. He will be an asset to your organization and hence I sincerely recommend him for admission into your university. SAMPLE LOR FOR MS IN ENERGY SYSTEMS COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY

Mr. _____________
Senior Professor
College Name