FREE SAMPLE LOR FOR MS IN HEALTH POLICY AND MANAGEMENT at UCLA – This is a professional letter of recommendation  for a student with 75% academics and GRE score 318 got into Masters in Health policy and Management.|SAMPLE LOR FOR MS IN HEALTH POLICY MANAGEMENT

To Whomsoever It May Concern

As Director of ______________ Pvt. Limited, I am very happy to pen this recommendation in favour of Ms. _______________. ______________ Pvt. Limited was established in 1983 and is a bulk drug manufacturer. It offers a wide range of high quality generic products and speciality tablets and capsules to treat various diseases in dispensing pack and strip pack at the most economic rates. Recognised by the FDA, the product quality is comparable to International Standards. SAMPLE LOR FOR MS IN HEALTH POLICY MANAGEMENT

_______ interned at ______________ Pvt. Limited for a period of two months, and I found her commitment and enthusiasm exemplary. The first thing that struck me about her was that when she came for her internship, she had done her homework and research about our company. During her briefing on her roles and responsibilities, she was very attentive and did not hesitate from giving her inputs. She effectively extended her academic knowledge of Pharmacy toward the operation of our company and showed keen interest to gather a deeper understanding of the workings of the pharmaceutical industry. SAMPLE LOR FOR MS IN HEALTH POLICY MANAGEMENT

_______ was punctual and very efficient in the execution of her job. Her work was concentrated in examining all aspects of our company, right from manufacturing of goods to their sales and marketing and preparing a detailed report on this. She also did a market survey of all ______________ Pvt. Limited products including the wide-selling anti-tuberculosis drugs we manufacture. She focused on parameters such as innovativeness of drug formula, cost-effectiveness, consumer demographics and sales turnover. Her in-depth analysis and inferences of our market standing was impressive and informative. She was the youngest intern at the organisation, but even so managed to comfortably mingle with her colleagues. Hence, I feel, she should be able to relate to any environment and maintain her standards of ethics while striving for excellence. SAMPLE LOR FOR MS IN HEALTH POLICY MANAGEMENT

The quality of her work at ______________ Pvt. Limited is an indication of her being a willing learner. She showed maturity and presence of mind. _______ created a good impression on many people here and they find her enthusiasm and dedication praiseworthy. SAMPLE LOR FOR MS IN HEALTH POLICY MANAGEMENT

In _______ I see the potential to develop into a highly successful individual involved in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. She demonstrates a good balance of intelligence and inquisitiveness that is sure to take her places. An education at your esteemed graduate school will help her hone these qualities, while enhancing her career opportunities. I highly recommend _______ for your program and hope that you will carefully consider admission application. SAMPLE LOR FOR MS IN HEALTH POLICY MANAGEMENT

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